Acer Nitro 50 Gaming PC Lets Set up a RTX 3070, improve your GPU.


On this improve video I present you learn how to take away your outdated inventory GPU and set up a RTX 3070 in an Acer Nitro 50 Gaming PC. I present …

hey guys we acquired an superior set up
deliberate for you this night we’re
going to be throwing an rtx 3070 on this
unhealthy administration computer this acer is gonna
obtain this zotek and he is gonna
completely adore it some stuff you’re
gonna want which i’ll have linked down
within the description down under you are
gonna want a six to 6 plus two pin
which makes two eight pin adapters
you are additionally gonna want uh quantity two
phillips which is that this ifx package which
does a frickin superior job i will have all
these things linked down within the
description down under we’re additionally gonna
examine these two playing cards with benchmarks
to see your earlier than and after and the way
good of an fps acquire you’ll see with
throughout an rtx 3070 in there sure the five hundred
watt energy provide is sufficient to assist
this card apart from that guys we’re
going to get this set up and improve
began however one few stuff you wish to
do energy your system down get every part
unplugged and get the aspect panel off and
that is the place we will begin first
factor we will do is that if the
graphics card is plugged through which it’s
not so we do not have to undo the facility
cable you do wish to try this whereas the
graphics card remains to be safe we do have
two quantity two phillips proper right here we’re
going to take these and simply allow them to
drop to the desk or catch them
there we go they’re out of the way in which and
this factor swings like a door it is
fairly neat go forward and attain in and
seize your graphics card strive to not seize
the fan you do not wish to break this man
might give it to a greatest buddy or
one thing like that be sure the category
the final
clasp doesn’t come again on the cardboard
prefer it simply did proper there if
typically you are pulling on the cardboard
goes like that you just wish to cease push it
again down clasp it again again in if this
will get caught on the opposite aspect it is going
to be a nightmare to get it out in any case
guys that is that out and we will
go forward and put our zotek rtx 3070 in
right here
get it lined up
and ship her on dwelling shut your door
and that i put the screws again in earlier than we
put the facility cable in since you’re
going to be like shoving stuff into the
card and this simply helps safe it to
the deck
it helps it safe to the case and there
we go and now we acquired to seize our energy
cable out so now we have a six pin and an
eight pin we’re gonna take our eight pin
proper right here and we’re simply gonna put our
adapter cable on there and it simply makes
this set up a lot easier as a result of
there’s solely an eight pin and a six
airplane and anyone that desires to inform me
that this may not deal with this card i’ve
enormous mining setups with chinchier stuff
than this with like rtx 3090s
and that i sat there days saved checking it
with temperature sensors this cable is
not going to begin on hearth and it’ll
deal with this
so if you wish to remark like that is
not rated for that i imply you possibly can
it is not going to alter me from doing
it or anyone that is watching me and
doing it
simply kidding in any case it really works all proper
so go forward and tuck your cable and also you
guys wish to form of wish to
get this tucked in right here the place the
airflow is just not going to bug it
i am not going to place the aspect panel again
on however after all go forward and put your
aspect panel again on i’ll present you that
it matches simply so for uh completion’s sake
if i do know the place the heck i put it round
right here
it is a massive black piece of metallic and that i
misplaced it guys i would lose my
if it wasn’t connected to my head
as you possibly can see matches on there completely
however in any case we will get this
factor booted up and get a benchmark rock
and rolling for you guys to point out you
comparability all proper guys we simply acquired
executed doing our superior benchmark and
this factor was rocking and knocked it
out of the park and i actually do assume
the rtx 3070 is an effective match for the acer
nitro 50. in any case guys we will go
over some benchmark outcomes so soar over
to on display screen with me on the left right here
you see the gtx 1615 on the appropriate right here
you see the rtx 3070 our first rating
with the gtx 1650 was 3596
and our rtx 3070 was 11 409 that is a
enormous distinction after all we will
come down right here to the primary graphics
check and that is going to be 21.46
uh and that is verse the second our first
graphics check on the rtx 3070 which is
and our second graphics check was 19.12
and on our rtx 37 69.12 that is an virtually
like that is an enormous body improve you are
speaking about like 49 frames per second
50 frames per second i imply that is an enormous
body improve if you wish to sport the
crap out of this factor and have some enjoyable
gaming like that is the place it is at proper
right here all proper guys i will
truly pull up the precise benchmark
you are going to discover that rating’s a
little bit completely different i goofy and that i took
screenshots of this so i might examine
them aspect by aspect and that i needed to rerun the
benchmark so you will see the scores
typically range it is up and down so of
course that is truly a lesser rating
however we will go and we will
do some fps comparability so beginning off
proper out of the gate we acquired battlefield
5 and that is 1440p extremely it was 115
frames plus
and apex legends 130 plus
gta 5 70 plus
95 plus
and crimson lifeless redemption which is gpu
45 plus
so guys i am gonna have to offer this two
thumbs up of approval if you’re wanting
to do a gpu improve and gpus are low-cost
proper now get your self an rtx 3070. uh
sure the five hundred watt energy provide will
assist it and apart from that guys i
hope you want remark and subscribe and
i am technical y’all

22 thoughts on “Acer Nitro 50 Gaming PC Lets Set up a RTX 3070, improve your GPU.”

  1. What is the reason for splitting a 6 pin to two 8 pins instead of running on 8 pin directly and getting a 6 to 8 adapter for the other? Wouldn't the latter put a more even load on the PSU and the cables?

  2. I just put in a 3070 just the way you did on the same computer.
    Works fine,
    Benchmarking around 2-2.5 times as previous 1660 super.

    But in games i dont see that big improvement.

  3. am trying to upgrade my graphics card to a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB GDDR6 192-bit Gaming Graphics Card, Super Compact, ZT-T16620F-10L for (my Acer Nitro 50 N50-640-UA91 Gaming Desktop | 12th Gen Intel Core i5-12400F 6-Core Processor | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 | 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 | 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD | Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 | Windows 11 Home) but I dont need if I need to change the cpu or anything else tob get it to work I have tried it shows and then my montior just goes black until I put the 1650 back in can anyone help me out.

  4. Random question hoping someone might be able to help!! My system is an older version 620 eb12 (GTX1650) will my power supply handle a larger card? Like a 3060? I can’t find any info on what GPU is in my build and haven’t had the time to open my build up to look thanks in advance!

  5. Thank u for the great video, can you just talk about the PCIe 3.0 and 4.0, cuz I don't need to buy a wrong GPU and I don't know what is the PCIe I have on my motherboared ( My Pc is Acer 50-610 ) GTX 1650 , i5 10400f. Thank u again

  6. You did it but acer says this computer can't even upgrade to a 3060 why is that? I own this pc and I honestly love it but wanna do a few changes I'm wondering would changing everything over to a different case help me with upgrades in the future? Is it able to be overclocked? how can I adjust my ram speed and other things or is that all blockeed by acer? looking to find out before I upgrade it cus I'm kinda leaning towards ryzen

  7. i just bought a exact same setupo I am confused with one part. ON that power cable you have a female 6 pin or 8 pin. how did you put 6 pin female in 8 pin power supply. and did you use all 8+8 pins in graphic card, i think i saw you left 2 open on both side.

  8. Hey man, my Nitro 50 640 PSU is making a constant Clicking Noise when the PC is OFF. Tick tick tick tick tick tick” all separately almost evenly. Do I need to get a new power supply? If so, could you please recommend me which one to buy for this model? And maybe make a video about installing it?
    Im really hoping I didn’t waste my money on this thing, it made me really sad to hear this.

  9. Hello. Thanks for the video. My only question is does 500w PSU on this desktop handles 3070 properly? Did you test it for a while and the system runs very stable? Thanks.

  10. You are godsend bro it’s hard to find a vid like this I just have 2 questions
    1 do I need a new power supply or can I run the stock supply, and do I need ddr6 ram or can I run my Corsair ddr4?


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