Eureka Peak & Angle Adjustable Keyboard Tray – Z2 Gaming Desk Set up


19 thoughts on “Eureka Peak & Angle Adjustable Keyboard Tray – Z2 Gaming Desk Set up”

  1. Can I use this keyboard tray on the Eureka Ergonomic 47 inch gaming desk? We’re trying to install and don’t see any matching holes for the screws, i see in the video a part thay goes under the desk, do we need to get that part?

  2. 20200205: It's INCHES! The only things that should, these days be measured in inches are dicks. And there are 2 sorts of people in this world. Ones that desire to have something special because they have small brains and ones who don't give a shit. You can easily guess how huge my brain must be…..Now, I found this video because I'm looking for an under-desk slide out drawer I can hide my large Cannon 8800F scanner in. There is nothing available.

  3. Great demonstration and setup. I just wonder if this tray would be durable enough for hardcore gamers. This is a great idea for ensuring comfort, though not sure how durable this could be.


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