Apa Jadinya Kalau Tidak Ada Financial institution di Dunia? (Ft. Financial institution Mandiri)


Udah nyarinya susah, ngehabisinnya cuma sekejap mata… Iya, dia adalah… uang kita! Itu makanya dari dulu sampe sekarang, …

Discovering it’s Tough however spend it simply within the blink of a watch sure, he is our cash that is why from the start till now folks need to save their cash from beginning to put it underneath the mattress and till lastly we’ve a financial institution however is it actually necessary that the financial institution is for us? Is it simply to avoid wasting Cash? What occurs if there isn’t a banks on this Worlds? What is obvious, if there isn’t a financial institution then the paper cash and cash that we maintain will now disappear and even although it’s nonetheless circulating, our sleep will turn into uneasy as a result of thieves turn into simpler to steal cash Okay, that is only a small portion. and in reality it is going to additionally have an effect on the nation’s economic system as a result of costs will go up and down a businessman cannot increase capital importing or exporting items to different nations can be sophisticated in the event you see it is vitally necessary the query now’s whether or not any nation has ever lived with out banks on this fashionable period? Apparently the reply, there may be. For 4 years our neighboring nation was led by a dictator who had his personal ideology till he disband their financial institution. all due to wanting to flee from the free market system and select to stay independently by farming sadly this case truly created an issue which in the end led to poverty and large starvation at the moment lastly they weren’t sturdy. his energy collapsed and the financial institution returned okay now we all know that the financial institution is already tough to get out of life however from the start even earlier than cash existed even banks had been actually helpful to assist farmers prior to now lend seeds for planting after which capital was reversed after every harvest transferring ahead to the trendy period, financial institution enterprise is extra superior and other people more and more want to avoid wasting, pay or ship and obtain cash all over the place The purpose is that the financial institution is a trusted place for regulating not solely financial savings accounts but additionally forex change charges in nations so perhaps sooner or later banks shall be more and more wanted by us simply think about, now there are greater than half of adults in Indonesia should not have a checking account and picture, how superior may be the material craftsmen, goat farmers or corn farmers within the areas if they’ve a checking account and might promote their produce to the world And that is what has been achieved by this financial institution "BANK MANDIRI" yearly most of their cash is used to construct and develop the nation And just like the neighboring nation earlier, this financial institution was additionally born to make issues higher particularly after the disaster and riots in our nation at the moment this financial institution title was given immediately by the chief of the nation on the time, the deceased Mr. Habibie the objective is obvious need to encourage our nation to turn into extra unbiased and that’s what has been and shall be achieved by "BANK MANDIRI" sooner or later Create banking providers that may be accessed by everybody and as all the time Thanks:] Thanks for watching "Kok bisa"Have extra questions? simply write within the feedback column under! KEEP ASKING AND STAY CURIOUS :]

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  1. Special thanks buat Bank Mandiri untuk bantu Kokbisa bikin episode kali ini!

    Daaan selamat ulang tahun ke-21 juga buat bank yang (jarang orang tahu) nyelametin kita dari krisis waktu 98 ini dengan support pembangunan-pembangunan infrastruktur Indonesia! Semoga kita Indonesia bisa maju terus dan makin bulat bakso indonesia di masa depan ❤️

  2. Negara lain mah yang bukan mayoritas Islam tanpa bank hancur ya biarin aja, kalau kita tanpa bank pun tetap berdiri karna kita ini Negara Mayoritas Islam harusnya lebih hebat dari negara lain yang bukan mayoritas Islam 😊

  3. gw buka tabungan di mandiri pakai app livin by mandiri ribet. gak tau hp atau apps yang yang bermasalah. setiap mau pilih kabupaten itu gak bisa di click. tapi tiba yang lain bisa .

    tapi sekarang ane udah buat tapi dibantu ama hp teman


    1. Hai orang-orang yang beriman, janganlah kamu memakan riba dengan berlipat ganda dan bertakwalah kamu kepada Allah supaya kamu mendapat keberuntungan. (QS. Ali Imran: 130)

    2. “Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam melaknat pemakan riba (rentenir), orang yang menyerahkan riba (nasabah), pencatat riba (sekretaris) dan dua orang saksinya.” Beliau mengatakan, “Mereka semua itu sama (dalam melakukan yang haram)” (HR. Muslim no. 1598).

    3. “Dan tolong-menolonglah kamu dalam (mengerjakan) kebaikan dan takwa, dan jangan kalian tolong-menolong dalam berbuat dosa dan pelanggaran. Dan bertakwalah kepada Allah, sesungguhnya Allah amat berat siksa-Nya.” (Qs. al-Maaidah: 2).


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