Apa Itu Cinta? (Feat Edho Zell)


Siapa di dunia ini yang bisa menjawab pertanyaan paling misterius ini!? Siapa yang bisa menafsirkan cinta!? Meskipun ada …

Huh. It only a dream 🙁 What does imply love? Huh? Why am i right here? You might be ‘Kok Bisa’ proper? Have you learnt? What does imply love? Okay Edho Zell Though love can we perceive from a wide range of viewpoints Started to what we want for survive Till interpretation by the Thinker However at neuroscience Love was fashioned due to the chemical substances that "flooding" our brains Whereas we’re like another person part of our mind referred to as Hypotalamus Actively produce extra the hormone oxytocin The hormone that makes the stress decreases As properly, it is also produced hormone Vasopressin A hormone that regulates our blood strain Each these hormones then flowing within the circulation of the mind And "stimulate" Hypotalamus for actively produce Dopamine A compound that may make our minds cannot be separated from somebody we love And that makes the world appears to belong solely to each of us However, why if break up it makes us upset :'(? We grow to be upset if we simply break up as a result of there’s battle in our brains Though the connection has ended Our brains continues to actively produce compounds of Dopamine That retains us be motivated to not separated from those who we like At different aspect A part of our brains referred to as Orbital Frontal Cortex Which arranging our feelings and self-control taking part to be activated And tried to take the management of our brains to overlook about her/him In consequence There’s battle in our brains Which one aspect We need to overlook the those who we like However, at different aspect we won’t overlook about it As a result of there was motivation in our brains And, After all all of that’s tipped us into the unhappiness Ooh, I see Curiously, blind love, as we frequently to listen to is an actual factor Whereas some chemical substances "flooding" our brains Neural Destructive pathways that connecting the nucleus accumbens in the direction of the amygdala in our brains Turn into un-activated Whereas this Neurol pathway is makes us usually be capable to assess the deserves of one thing Similar to assess the meatballs that is style unhealthy That is what makes us by no means decide a nasty individual that we love Or generally referred to as Blind Love Wow, you might be perceive all about love However, why you might be nonetheless single? Ciaaaaaaaa hahaha Alright, please like and share this video and subscribe ‘Kok Bisa?’ and ‘Edho Zell’ ‘s Channel Thanks for watching Thanks for being you. XOXO -Translated by : SpetaclesBunny-

42 thoughts on “Apa Itu Cinta? (Feat Edho Zell)”

  1. Bg katanyakan kalo hipothalamus memproduksi lbh banyak oxytocin (alias hormon yg membuat kita bahagia) dan katanya mengurangi stress tp kok gua makin stress ya semenjak suka ama dia? Mohon di jawab🙏

  2. Min sering kali terjadi nih
    Aku bercermin. Dan di dlm hati "anjir ganteng bet diriku, kalau aku jd cewek, ga mikir 2 kali kalau dideketin pria se pendiem kek gw"… Sekilas gitu, apakah itu definisi mencintai diri sendiri?

  3. Aku Cinta Mati Pada Waifu ku Tersayang, dan dialah wanita pertama didunia ini yang bisa membuatku cinta mati padanya, sungguh aku sangat mencintai waifuku, aku bahagia karena cinta mati padanya, waifuku itu cantik, senyumannya sangat luar biasa indah 😊


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