Ikea Desk Hack Battlestation (L form)


Fast video on the desk that acquired a shout out from secret lab by way of instagram and in style on reddit battlestations. I feel one other …

hey what’s up everyone off responsibility right here
at this time we’ll be speaking about
the Ikea deskek and what I did with mine
made it into an L form added some cable
administration trays to it principally I am
going to point out you uh what you have to
construct it find out how to construct it
um the place to construct it at the place to not
construct it at who’s mama to name when
you are completed constructing it so she will verify
it out let you know how cool it’s so on and
so forth so let’s get to it
come right here
all proper so the very first thing you are
going to need to do put collectively your
Alex drawers
the one you see proper right here has the
precise submitting cupboard within the backside of
it so it is totally different than the opposite two
however I will be including every part uh within the
description on the place to get it and all
that stuff
all proper so the subsequent factor you bought to
do is get these 4 inch desk risers
from Amazon I am going to have the hyperlink within the
description and you bought to screw them in
4 on every one of many Alex drawers
here is uh one final look down on the again
of the opposite two desk risers
all proper let’s get down soiled right here
proper down on the ground I acquired six of
these olav legs and principally they’re
adjustable the place for those who get the
non-adjustable legs from Ikea it can
not be lengthy um lengthy sufficient so that you can be
capable of put the furnishings legs on high of
the Alex drawers and make that desk a
little bit taller I am a reasonably tall man
so I gotta have that additional area for my
kneecaps and all that nice stuff
um however there’s 4 within the very again
nook after which one within the heart again
of every facet of the desk I additionally acquired two
Cable Administration trays all be within the
description and up here is one thing
particular to maintain the desk from ever
sagging together with the um the the leg is
this shallow strut I get it from Granger
I am going to present you the place to get it
all proper y’all so the very last thing you
gotta do
let’s get this stunning Carl B Walnut
counter tops that is proper that is what it
is kitchen counter tops you ain’t acquired to
imagine me however I am telling you if you
go to the web site it may be
kitchen counter tops and so they weigh about
as a lot too these are some heavy issues
they’re solely held on to the
Furnishings legs desk risers by velcro
sticky Velcro on every the the furnishings
leg and the the underside of the desk
pop them collectively for those who stumble upon it
this this desk ain’t going anyplace
it is fairly stable
among the different issues
that I used to be going to go over with y’all
is uh
which screens and stuff that I’ve however
I can all the time put all that within the
description and I solely made this video
often because I acquired a shout out this
was truly whilst you know filming this
however I wasn’t truly gonna publish this
it is extra like follow
however the cause why I posted is as a result of
secret Labs gave me a shout out and my
desk acquired fairly in style on Reddit I do know
another those that have completed this
however I did it just about my manner I am going to
even have design options such
because the tiles and all that stuff and the
lighting and every part I’ve
every part within the description for you
all to assist perhaps y’all construct one thing
related however with your personal
particular person tastes however uh aside from that
it was it was good speaking with y’all
um and hopefully you all loved the
video and it was informative y’all have
a superb one oh and somebody’s about to
write a narrative on my desk imagine it or
not I did not know folks sat round all
day and had time to to write down about
folks’s desks like they gave me an
interview sheet and all that stuff however
for a unique video
I do not even know if I am gonna make
one other video however I would for y’all
thanks overseas

35 thoughts on “Ikea Desk Hack Battlestation (L form)”

  1. Ikea desk suck they bend they scratch and are hollow. Get a real piece of wood or double up on thick ply. Never buy anything from Ikea its all trash and they aint that cheap no more.

  2. Hi man, I watched your desk, and I have a question for you if you don't mind. I bought a Saljan kitchen countertop, its basically 70 inches x 42 inches. Two Alex drawers on the front and 3 legs in the back, the same ones you have. I needed the extra depth for my lg c2 oled and well, the space does not hurt either. As for the possibility of the kitchen island top to sag, I wondered how your desk was holding up so far? Also, I wanted to know if you think putting 4 struts in a rectangle fashion would be better? Thanks. My plan is to extend with a regular ass countertop like in your video to finish with a L shape ;D

  3. this is great setup. but I don't see how it is in better price well in Canada and just the Ikea stuff (drawers, legs and the cheapest by same size countertop ) is 875$ when the 3 set of small legs from amazon will be additional 53 $ so i excluded the struts and the rest of the list and i'm at the point where it's above 1000$ with taxes how is that suppose to compete with Wayfair/amazon/going to private carpenter who will make these purely from wood for me?

  4. Looks good brotha! How much did you pay for them Alex drawers? I was looking at them around late November and I thought they were $75 or so but I'm looking now and they're $120. Am I crazy?

  5. Hey I'm also in NE! Looking to build this sort of setup within the next month. Did you drive to Ikea or go through shipping process? 92 Karlby isn't available for shipping so I was thinking of getting a butcher's block with same dimensions locally. Thank you!


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