eBay Prebuilt Gaming PC Scams


do not buy your gaming computer on ebay in the event you
search gaming computer on ebay the second
choice down is that this while it seems to be like
an honest gaming computer it is really a rip-off
utilizing phrases like intel i5 quad-core
with out being particular
is supposed to mislead you into believing
it is higher than it really is
pairing that with a
tremendous outdated
gt630 from nvidia
not solely makes this computer a horrible deal
with the paradox of the cpu an
outright rip-off

22 thoughts on “eBay Prebuilt Gaming PC Scams”

  1. we have the same thing in Russia, I saw for $ 250 a "gaming" PC without a video card, and an AMD 3000 processor with integrated graphics (I don't remember exactly which series) 16gb ram

  2. If want to game on a budget find an old high end build/office pc/whatever.

    I paid $60 for a 4790, asus mobo, 1tb wd blue hd, and a coolermaster 342 case.

    Bought 16gb of ram, a 1tb ssd, for aroumd $75.

    re used my old video card and psu. But both were old enough you can get them for cheap. Non modular 650w psu, and a gtx 970.

    Just bought a noctua cpu cooler and fans, mostly for noise and the stock intel sucks. Could have got cheaper but I'll re use them for later, and I needed splitters anyway


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