What’s one of the best Fan Configuration?


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what’s the greatest airflow configuration
this laptop is ready up in a impartial airflow
configuration that means there’s the identical
variety of followers intaking than exhausting
ignore the radiator for now you’ve got bought
three consumption on the entrance two exhaust at
the highest and one exhaust on the again so
the underside entrance band strikes contemporary air to
the gpu and the 2 prime followers transfer air to
the remainder of the system so the best way this
is ready up is it strikes air diagonally
throughout the entire system and that is
precisely what you need there are three
forms of air configuration there’s
impartial constructive and detrimental in case you
wish to know extra about constructive and
detrimental let me know within the feedback

45 thoughts on “What’s one of the best Fan Configuration?”

  1. Is it actually neutral though? This is a pretty bad video. Failed to mention the rad will impact how much air actually goes in the case. And also fan speeds too. Only way to truly know is by using that stick thing that gives off smoke.

  2. 3 different types of air pressure in PC cases:

    Positive = Air pressure inside the case is Higher than outside. This means air is coming IN the case faster than it blows out, and air outside of the case is pushed OUT

    Negative = Air pressure inside the case is Lower than outside. This means air is blowing OUT of the case faster than it comes in, and air outside of the case is sucked IN (like a vacuum!)

    Neutral = Air pressure in & outside of the case is about the same. This means air flows in and out of the case at an EVEN rate.

  3. Thats not necessarily true. Its actually a negative pressure set up since the rad is impending airflow. Just because you have the same number of fans doesn't paint the full picture.

    You could have 6 fans at low rpm intaking air. While having 4 fans exhaust at high rpm and you would find that it would likely be negative and possibly neutral.

  4. This is how I have my R5 set up. 2 front, 1 bottom for intakes – 1 rear, 2 top for exhausts. All the fans are set at a constant ~900rpm, and if I want slightly positive, I turn the intakes to 1000rpm.

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