Testing Scary Minecraft Myths That Are Really True


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We’re gonna be testing minecraft’s scariest myths to see in the event that they’re truly true beginning with knoll this entity is seemingly terrifying all it’s a must to do is change your seed to no escape i extremely doubt that is going to do something change it to hardcore and that is it

And to bust this scary fable i will survive on this world whereas it is in hardcore which as you’ll be able to see regular sheep regular cow and jerry a daily trying villager with a flowery identify talking of which jerry you keep proper right here i am gonna go get some wooden uh

Wait truly we do not want wooden as a result of we’re in a village jerry uh okay possibly he simply went into one of many homes i do not know the place he went to what the heck that was unusual i am going what the heck was that oh my god you okay that type of scared me bizarre little

Small villagers all proper this appears to be like like a pleasant tree with some succulent wooden after which after we get this we will make a wood sword and we will take out one of many iron golems within the village all proper villagers the place do they go all the things’s gone even the animals are gone there’s okay

There is a skeleton okay nicely we will get iron in caves then oh dude good mine shaft tons of iron that is what what was that was {that a} bat good day i it was a bat okay it regarded greater than a bath all proper pay attention glitches occur in minecraft on a regular basis and

As soon as we will construct a home that may lastly show that nothing is bizarre with this seed and the ending touches the final two fences increase and we’re executed no a lot better jerry what was that sound it was coming from the forest okay i gotta be listening to

Oh what’s the phil why are you operating that is not jerry jerry had a he had like a yellow hat on the place did okay the place did he go how are they’re they beneath me it appears like they’re dude they sound so shut okay so this one is the blood gollum

Fable i’ve by no means even heard of this till as we speak you identify your world the blood golem not the blood the blood make sure that it is in hardcore and then you definately simply create it on this fable if you happen to create a contemporary world after which die that may usually imply the tip to your hardcore world however

As a result of we have named our world the blood golem after which we open to land with cheats on you’ll be able to reply after which discover the legendary blood golem in your world sure see now we will go into inventive mode now the sport is registering us as completely useless and routinely

Turning off spawn cycle debugging when this operate is damaged it will probably result in minor glitches within the sport i completely common village nothing bizarre is happening right here however the first sighting that was truly recalled of the blood golem was within the nether not within the overworld and

As a result of we now have inventive mode as a result of we simply completely glitched this world we will make our personal nether portal all proper right here we go child oh it is lovely all proper right here we go blood golem right here we come oh right here we go okay so now we’re simply gonna spawn in

Iron golems increase that is one see the issue is it is simply making common golems nothing’s occurring i am ready for a blood golem come on dude i need to see this blood golem so dangerous all proper okay yet another for good measure seven’s a great quantity uh nothing occurred however

As a result of we’re in inventive mode we do not have to fret about dying so i am gonna sit right here and wait and see if something occurs when i come again ah look the golems are gone now the query is did they wander away despawn maybe there’s just one strategy to discover out

Okay they have not then they’ve needed to have gone again to the portal oh that is bizarre yeah these roses weren’t right here earlier neither was this fenced off tree you already know what that is oh that is bizarre dude now this is sufficient to make me stop whoa i’ve by no means seen this earlier than oh

Oh it is gonna hit within the nicely no no no i simply bought put into survival mode [Applause] hey yo no matter that sound was simply made me make a youtuber face i am drowning oh no there is no manner the blood golem’s actual he is happening a rampage within the village no no no

Freaking manner dude no you’ll be able to’t get inside these timber sure that is proper you are too massive golem no i am going again right here what’s placing me out of kratom no no no no no oh my god go in the home he cannot make it in the home he cannot get within the

Home oh he broke the glass how was it breaking this possibly you will not see me no no no no this scary fable is entity 303 and the one strategy to discover him is in bedrock i do not even know learn how to put a seed in bedrock oh proper right here okay so it sounds

Bizarre however it’s two eight 9 eight 4 9 zero twenty 5 this was the primary seed he was ever seen in most individuals contemplate entity 303 the brand new herobrine however he was truly first seen december of 2013. now i need to verify contained in the ocean whoa

I’ve by no means seen this earlier than have a look at the seaweed it is like three good diagonal traces of seaweed and so they all result in this bizarre mushroom biome oh wait wait wait similar to the seaweed the timber are additionally diagonal okay so the primary encounter was an e-mail from frankie that

Was speculated to go to hurry and since then frankie’s emails have been deleted and the message says hello velocity my identify is frankie daily me and my buddy john would all the time play in his personal server someday my display began glitching in an uncommon manner chat began spamming 303

After which my pc crashed okay it is nonetheless actually repeating or let’s go to the tip and see if it is regular there oh dude even the ends bought all diagonally repeating refrain timber man that is weird it simply retains happening and on if i used to be in inventive mode proper now i would be

Petrified some even say that herobrine was attempting to warn us concerning the entity by leaving indicators that stated assist so i am gonna sort in hello go away this and are available again to it and see if something modifications this subsequent scary fable is villar all it’s a must to do is go into the server ip

Deal with sort this in and click on be a part of villar is a cursed minecraft villager however solely as soon as you have dedicated deep darkish sins does he truly spawn and that being stated we now have to commit these crimes if we wish him to return out so sadly for these villagers i will be recognizing them straight in

The lava i do not know what could possibly be extra sinful than this that is fairly good however i really feel like we will be much more evil that is fairly easy oh that was bizarre sure that is way more evil than i may have ever even imagined however this does not

Spawn villar i do not know what else will it is lovely that is the last word villager sacrificing machine all proper i feel that’ll do it let’s have a look at if something has modified on the previous village nicely good day there villagers hmm you do not appear very scary whoa please please please good day there oh oh he is regular

Thank god wait this villager is bizarre he is bought a traditional pores and skin oh he is operating away okay what the heck would he go oh he is okay this man’s enjoying ring across the rosie with me went again in the home oh or not query mark what the fudge is happening right here

Why i heard the door shut once more okay this villager is freaking me out are you able to cease it buddy why why is he turning his head so slowly why are you turning your head so slowly oh my god oh i am unable to open the door no i am again in

Survival no what’s that what’s that no what’s that why do all of them say i see you fudge this dude ah what is that this this scary fable is probably the most iconic one of all of them herobrine there’s not a single one who has ever performed minecraft and never have the identify

Herabrine by far the scariest fable and there are credible sources to guaranteeing you a recognizing of herobrine himself okay so the very first thing you are gonna do you are gonna go into your seed choices you are gonna identify this no return now we now have to decrease our render distance

To 2 i do not suppose i’ve ever performed on render distance this low in my complete life and to make it even scarier it’s a must to hearken to disc 11 in reverse oh my i i simply bought massive goosebumps the worst factor about that is i can barely see in entrance of me

Yo what was that lightning strike okay it is only a sand temple i am telling myself proper now that is only a sand temple this disc backwards is like devil himself why is there a chest in entrance it is empty oh i hate this i hate this sound dude this appears like

One thing from an precise horror film okay fairly regular fairly regular okay we bought diamonds good why are these chests empty why is there sand dropping why is there sand what’s that the place’s that coming from why is there sand dropping what’s to open the chest oh no any individual

Open this chest i may hear it from down there oh no the desert’s turning right into a forest and there is one lonely cow oh dude they could possibly be behind any of those timber oh that scared me there was like this sheep i should not be getting scared by sheep wait that is the exit we

Made it out why is there an indication on the bottom why is it a warped signal what what i feel it stated pay attention once more what did that say wait there’s one thing Whoa does he say do not do it i freaking hate this i am attempting my written resistance up you guys know i get bounce scared an excessive amount of i gave a haircut to the timber oh dude what is that this what is that this what is that this what is that this doing i am doing it wait a minute no

Wait is that determined to position down earlier do not look behind you oh don’t fret i am not planning on it’s that nd303 no no no no no keep again no the place he is useless did i kill him no nb303 was slain by no it will probably’t be no no

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