Benarkah Golongan Darah Menentukan Sifat Kita?


Katanya, sifat kita bisa ditebak berdasarkan golongan darah masing-masing. Tapi, apa benar begitu? Benefit from the video!

Someday, A, B, O, and AB have an appointment to go to the seaside collectively If we give it some thought, who’s the earliest and the newest to come back to the seaside? If you happen to can reply it, it means you consider within the character classification Primarily based on blood kind Maybe you’ve got learn that

Blood kind A is all the time on time Blood kind B is all the time late Blood Kind O is all the time behave freely Whereas Blood kind AB shouldn’t be predictable Hmmm So, as Muzaki Azami asking this Actually, is there a relation between our blood kind and our character? Persona classification based mostly on blood kind possibly fashionable

However, the truth is it is simply myths In our earlier ‘Kok Bisa?’ episode, we be taught concerning the Barnum Impact This idea can be legitimate for blood kind The compatibility between our actions with the blood kind can be may be defined by the time period ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’ It means one thing that we expect might actually occur

As a result of that is what we anticipate But when it is only a myths why our identical blood kind associates are even have the identical character? This phenomenon may be defined by the time period ‘Affirmation Bias’ It means, as people we are likely to search for info that help our beliefs

For instance, we consider that blood kind An individual could be very disciplined We turn into extra certain once we see our girlfriend with blood kind A isn’t late for a flag ceremony Whereas within the classroom she usually neglect her homework

Other than that, the connection between character and blood kind but cannot be confirmed scientifically in 1927, analysis about blood kind and character was ever accomplished by Japanese psychology professor named Takeji Furukawa Nonetheless, this research thought-about much less legitimate as a result of it’s extremely charged in politic

Quick story, at the moment Japan expanded their territory to different international locations in East Asia Effectively In comparison with different nation, Taiwanese individuals had been very exhausting to be defeated. With the analysis Prof. Furukawa wished to seek out out the key of the Taiwanese character that was cussed on Japanese authorities at the moment

Half of century later, there printed some books about blood kind and character This books was written by Masahiko Nomi a journalist who would not actually have a background of medical science and psychology Though the ebook was really much less legitimate, it was full of very convincing number of knowledge and statistics lastly

Persona classification based mostly on blood kind grew to become extra ingrained within the East Asians So if the American like studying horoscopes, and Indonesian like ‘Primbon’, Japanese individuals have ‘Ketsuekigata’ In Japan ketsuekigata or character classification based mostly on blood kind tips to seek out mate

Ketsuekigata reputation enhance by way of fashionable tradition equivalent to South Korean webtoon artist, Park Dong Solar And because of the sophistication of the twenty first century IT know-how, now we additionally know this humorous character in Indonesia so long as only for only for enjoyable, this classification may be an leisure

However for you who nonetheless use this technique to seek out out about your ‘to be girlfriend/boyfriend’ higher to extend your willpower and bravado If you happen to can immediately ask, why do it’s important to play guess?^^ And as traditional, thanks.

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  1. Muingkin kalau tidak dipengaruhi lngkungan, faktor golongan darah bisa ngaruh sih min. Tapi kan setiap hari kita terpapar efek lingkungan ya wkwk, ga ngaruh deh jadinya.Pokoknya keren banget nih channel Sisi Terang, membawakan topik yang menarik serta mendidik. Semangat dan sukses terus ya min!! Buat yang suka belajar dari channel bisa juga kepoin "Ko Bisa" dan "Inspiratips"😊😊

  2. Sesungguhny aku mncintai Nabi Muhammad, melebihi cintaku pd ibu kandungku yg sdh melahirkanku. Itulah alsnku setiap Hari u bnyk2 membaca Shalawat Fatih pd beliau. Sbg bukti bhwa aku mncintai beliau. Aku jg sngt yakin bhwa Shalawat Fatih yg stiap hri aku baca akn mmbuatku menang d akhirat, dlm aarti slh Stu mnfaatny= ( mmpermudah hisabku), ktk mnusia2 lain msh dihisab, aku bs tnang2 & CPT diloloskn, dn msh bnyk keistimewaan lain. Irwan..

  3. Memang gol darah O yg saya rasakan….jarang kena flu …padahal anak dan suami sdh berkali2 kena flu , saya mengurus dan berdekatan kalau pas lagi panas dan flu…saya tdk ketularan.
    Tapi Gol darah O ..bisa kena kovid juga kalau badan pas tdk prima, yg penting jangan telat makan dan minum ( kecuali lagi berpuasa) , jaga makanan seimbang dan minum tdk boleh kurang…( kurang lebih 8 gelas sehari sesuai berat badan atau 1 gelas setiap satu setengah jam.. ).


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