The Good Ergonomic Desk Setup To Keep away from Again & Neck Ache


A poor workplace ergonomic setup could cause neck ache & stiffness, again ache, RSI, poor circulation, or fatigue. This 15 level …

Keep away from posterior pelvic sag as a result of it is the primary reason for again ache sit as far again in your chair as you may in order that your chair’s backrest helps the pelvis at belt degree ensure that the again of your knees do not contact the seat relaxation

In the event that they do the chair is simply too massive for you and also you want a unique chair take away arm rests in case your chair cannot transfer underneath the desk with out them regulate your chair top to your desk in order that your forearms can relaxation at disc top with the elbows at 90 levels

Hold knees at 90 levels not prolonged or flexed ensure that your heels contact the bottom when your ankles are at 90 levels in case your toes do not attain the bottom you want a foot relaxation to assist them reaching ahead to your keyboard and mouse tenses the muscle groups within the shoulders

And encourages ahead head posture so place the keyboard and mouse at a distance that retains your elbows beside your physique hold your wrist straight according to your forearm to keep away from points with rsi and couple tunnel if the pisiform bone between your wrist and hand will get sore assist your wrist with one thing delicate

However on the base of the palm not on the delicate a part of the wrist the place the necessary nerves and blood vessels run your display needs to be at fingertip distance too shut causes eye pressure and too far-off causes neck craning the highest of the display needs to be at

Eye degree too excessive causes dry eyes and too low creates decrease neck points extended neck rotation causes higher neck issues so when you have two screens put the principle one immediately in entrance of you and the much less often used display as shut as doable to the aspect

In the event you use two screens equally the be part of between the 2 needs to be immediately in entrance of you attempt to rotate your chair not your head the place doable plug your laptop computer into an elevated monitor or get a kickstand reams of paper or books to assist your laptop computer on the appropriate degree

After which add a wi-fi keyboard and mouse to your laptop computer place your cellphone on the alternative aspect to your mouse to discourage supporting your cellphone together with your shoulder or higher but use a headphone set get a chiming app in your cellphone to remind you to test your posture each quarter-hour

And to remind you to rise up or do some workouts a minimum of as soon as an hour use cellphone calls as an excuse to stroll and place bins and printers away out of your desk to make you rise up

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  1. ***NOTE! A LOT of people will find it hard to maintain this "ideal" position. There are two ways to address this…
    (i)To begin, keep changing position slightly without straying too far from this position. Movement and variation can help.
    But ask yourself this: WHY is it so difficult to maintain?? Because with poor posture three things happen over time. Spinal joints seize up in poor positions. Some muscles (at the front mainly) shorten and adapt to poor posture. And other muscles become weak.
    (ii) You can maintain good sitting posture quite easily if you work on mobilising, stretching, and strenghtening these key areas.
    These are the kind of postural exercises you can do:

  2. At 1:04 timestamp, I noticed your shoulder position is the same with mine, which is internal rotation. May I know if it's possible at all to completely have the upper back retracted and hence the shoulder not in a internally rotated position? I've been strengthening upper back for a year now, while standing the shoulder is retracted, but when sitting it seems that I can't make them stay retracted. The armrests are also in the lowest position (though it would still be higher than my natural arm resting height when without armrest.

  3. Sir in 4tip you gave there angle is 90 degree. I am getting 90 degree but I have to do writing work not keyboard work. While writing my hand got incline is that ok. Or even during writing work hand shud be in 90 degree position only. Please reply this sir.

  4. hello sir. I have to do long hours studies for one of my exam. Therefore i have purchased a good ergonomic chair and i made table from one carpenter. But i am facing shoulder pain , knee pain, elbow pain. I have figure it out why i am facing these pains. Actually at maximum height of my chair , my elbow still do not make 90 degree angle because even after removing arm rest of my chair , my chair does not goes at the height of the top of table. This is because my study table has 4 inch under desk drawer which also acts as support and . After watching your video i came to the conclusion that i have to remove that 4 inch under desk drawer but that will decrease the strength of my table. also i need to cut the legs of my table 4 inch so that my chair can reach the top height of table. Please suggest if you have any ideas to solve my problem. How can i send you my table chair image. Sir Could you please connect with me on whats app. There i can show you in picture what problem i am facing since a year. Thank you sir.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. I sit at a desk at least 9 hours a day and I appreciate the notes on posture and alignment. I think that's the part I find I slump into is how my wrists haven't been aligning with my elbows, as if I was torquing it to one side. Elbows in, shoulders over hips. Now all that's left is to elevate these monitors. Cheers!

  6. thank YOU! no better and concise video on the subject! downloading so I won't forget 🙂 There's excellent freeware available that remind one to take breaks, too. I'm using STRETCHLY. Sure, a PITA sometimes, but worth the "annoyance" 🙂 I've been using CAD for architectural designs since '82, and man-ohhh-man, making sure Computer Ergonomics is correct is VITAL to my earning a living!! Good luck and a long and happy life.

  7. i think you mean too high of a screen causes neck strain instead of dry eyes, right? what does dry eyes have to do with the height of the screen? anyways, best video on the topic ive found so far

  8. You can probably use an adapter for a wired keyboard and mouse if there’s not a port already on your laptop. I say this because of radiation concerns, and also because your connection will be faster and more reliable.


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