Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Full Version – Launch Trailer | NSW, PC


26 thoughts on “Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Full Version – Launch Trailer | NSW, PC”

  1. Can someone tell me if this has a physical PC version? Can only find the PS4/Switch ones in my local stores, so I guess not… kinda sad I can find a game that's doing horrible on Steam, but not this :/

  2. Bandai Namco saquen el juego con traducción español, no se olviden de nosotros que también los apoyamos y compramos su juego aunque no nos salga barato. Denle like para que este mensaje llegue a Bandai.

    Bandai Namco please localize the game In spanish, don't forget about us (spanish speaking fans), we support you and buy your games as well despite them not being cheap for us.

    Please like this message so it can reach Bandai.

  3. My friend pre ordered the game at gamestop and gave it to me as a gift but she didnt get the dlc codes for the pre order bonus. Is the bonus just for the bandai website?


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