Apakah di Indonesia Bisa Turun Salju?


Di negara tropis macam Indonesia, turun salju kayaknya mustahil terjadi. Tapi buktinya, di Pegunungan Jayawijaya bisa ada salju …

When it’s burning scorching exterior, we’ll may immediately assume, what if it have been snowing on the market. However actually, can blizzard in tropical international locations like, Indonesia? In actuality, to ensure that snow to fall, there are a number of situations to satisfy. And usually, solely the polar and subtropical areas can.

So, snow falls can solely occur when water vapor excessive up within the sky freeze and clump collectively into ice crystals. For this to occur, it wants some moist air. At this level, Indonesia would be the champion. The issue is that it additionally requires sub-zero temperature.

In Indonesia, is there actually a spot that chilly?? However that is not all. The truth is, there are three tropical international locations on the planet that has frozen peaks, and Indonesia is fortunate sufficient to not being an exception! Within the Jaya Wijaya Mountains, there are a number of summits which are layered in snow.

However these aren’t a results of ruthless snowfall, slightly a harking back to the Ice Age, a number of millenia in the past. This icy coating might survive due to the very low temperature at Jaya Wijaya’s peak. However it’s nonetheless not under zero but. And by growing world temperatures, the ice in Jaya Wijaya continues to shrink,

And with out new batches of snow, this icy layer may in the future disappear. Seems to be like we’ll want some magic for snow to fall in Indonesia… However do not feel disheartened but. Even when snow cannot fall in Indonesia, there may be nonetheless probability of hail. This event has occurred many occasions in Indonesia.

So whereas snow is a results of freezing of gaseous water, hail is a results of freezing of water at its liquid state. Hail occurs more often than not throughout change of season when packs of moist air stand up, ending proper under the dry layer of air.

Adopted by a breath of chilly air from the heights. In the long run, down goes strong lumps like ice cubes from our freezer. So, with a view to be secure, it’s best to not dance below this rain. Nonetheless, the snow that now we have been dying can nonetheless fall in Indonesia.

It’s when there may be dysfunction in local weather and seasonal cycles, like what occurs when the Moon, in the future, disappears. But when this occurs, take into consideration these different crops and animals which are used to warmth. And, the lives of our staple meals will even be in peril.

In the long run, let’s not be envious of the snow from someplace round us, however as an alternative be happy with our snow, as lengthy it is nonetheless there. And as all the time, thanks for watching.

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