Kenapa Jakarta Rentan Banjir?


Tiap musim hujan, fenomena banjir selalu dinanti warga Jakarta layaknya libur hari raya tahunan… Kenapa bisa begini? Apa sih …

Flood, ooooh flood, the catastrophe that haunting Jakarta residents each 5 years Even now the flood comes each 5 years and makes Jakarta residents much more depressed Not solely makes visitors jam, but additionally can convey ailments, trashes, till the laundries get floated

Why the flood in Jakarta retains going to occur? Is that this the governor of Jakarta’s (Ahok a.okay.a Basuki Tjahaja Purnama) fault? Or this meatball vendor’s fault that his meatball’s liquid dressing has been given manner an excessive amount of till it is spills out which lastly makes Jakarta flooded (wow, wonderful! :v)

On the level Jakarta’s flood is multidimensional drawback It is begins from Jakarta’s mainland itself that already troublesome to soak up water in enormous quantity The federal government which is unready, and their residents that basically troublesome to be regulated

If we glance from it is geographic facet, Jakarta itself is shaped from the rivers in Bogor and it is environment Massive rivers like Ciliwung on the previous brings supplies from Mt. Gede, Salak, Pangrango with it After which it hold getting sedimented and stacked that forming a mainland that we name Jakarta

The enjoyable reality: these rivers additionally breaking by means of to the land which have shaped, in order that till now Jakarta nonetheless being flowed by many rivers After which when the dry season these rivers change into smelly and dry However, when the rain season these rivers brings an enormous quantity of water

On the finish it makes the sting zone of the river get flooded When the urbanization occur, lastly Jakarta change into “Jakarta” (within the current) Many individuals stay within the fringe of the river, in order that the absorption zone gone Because the outcome the water cannot be absorbed by the river’s edge anymore and spreading anyplace

But the Jakarta’s residents’ behavior which is to litter on the river as already change into a hereditary interest that must be preserved On the finish makes the river’s movement not going easy. And Jakarta flood occurs Citizen’s urbanization additionally makes Jakarta much more populated Many individuals construct their home round Bogor and Puncak

The place this development makes the forest on this territory being reduce off to construct residences Because the outcomes the rain from Bogor and Puncak that must be absorbed by the forest immediately flowing to Jakarta Just like the meatball’s liquid dressing that spill out from it is bowl (that is embarassing :/)

The large quantity of water from Bogor and Puncak cannot be accomodated by the rivers in Jakarta And “JAKARTA FLOOD” occurs Within the prediction of 2015, Jakarta get loss that reaching Rp3. solely due to this flood Jakarta’s provincial must be higher to deal with this drawback

Like giving prediction of flood, do a worldwide establishment teamwork and apply a strict laws for drainage and the river’s territory However, in addition to the provincial, the Jakarta’s residents must be take part actively to deal with the flood For instance by reporting unlawful residence constructions within the fringe of the river

And report an individual who likes to litter by utilizing progressive media Like “qlue” app that already exists in Playstore, the net grievance service “report”, or ship SMS to the governor that may be linked to Ahok (he is on marketing campaign, lol) Till Jakarta Good Metropolis that Jakarta’s resident can supervise the federal government’s work itself

Yeah, deal with Jakarta flood may be very onerous to be ready Not solely requires cash, but additionally wants persistence to resolve it And as all the time, thanks >:(

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  1. Sebenarnya ada beberap faktor gak sih min. Jakarta tu udah kayak muara dari sunagi-sungai dataran tinggi. Belum lagi antisipasi pemerintah yang kurang tepat. Ditambah sikap warga Jakarta, ancur deh.Recomended banget nih channel Ko Bisa, kontennya asik dan mendidik. Semangat dan sukses terus ya min!! Buat yang suka belajar dari channel bisa juga kepoin "Sisi Terang" dan "Inspiratips"😊😊

  2. Coba kalau dipinggir sungai di kasih papan aja di papan nya di kasih tulisan "yang membuang sampah sembarangan akan di denda 10 M"
    Biar seperti Singapur di Singapur satu biji sampah aja akan di denda jutaan tapi di Indonesia gaada kata membuang sampah lalu di denda seaakan Indonesia menjadi naungan tempat sampah.
    Jika aja pemerintah lebih tegas lagi terhadap lingkungan pasti Indonesia menjadi tempat yang asri bersih sejuk dan indah bahkan di pegunungan jarang ada sampah masa di kota besar gak bisa jaga kebersihan

  3. Jakarta Rentan Terhadap Banjir karena Bahwa Di jakarta Dekat sekali dengan Laut , Atau Akibat Dari Gelombang air laut naik , Atau Akibat Gelombang air laut Naik karena Terbawa angin kecang di Laut jawa. Atau Bisa dikatakan bahwa jakarta Rentan terhadap banjir karena Tempatnya Yang rendah , Dan Banyak gedung gedung , Rumah , Dan sampah limbah di sana. Populasi Di jakarta Juga Dapat Menyebabkan jakarta Rentan Terhadap Banjir. Banjir Adalah Peristiwa alam Yang Menakutkan , Karena Terdapat Limbah Kotor di airnya , Ada Belut Berliak liuk di air banjir , Apa Lagi airnya Kotor

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