Previous Gaming PC Discovered on the Highway…. Will it Work?


Let’s FIX this dumpster rubbish PC into Treasure That is the FIRST time I’ve discovered one thing doubtlessly good. Although will it …

Please sir am i able to get a gpu now please  put collectively a computer please sir please welcome again to tech sure metropolis and at present we have got this computer marks a primary  right here at tech yeah metropolis as a result of the primary time i  

Discovered a computer on the facet of the highway that i might  really flip right into a gaming computer previously i’ve   discovered pcs whether or not it is on the facet of the highway or  it is at a tip however they’ve simply been to this point gone  

Or they’ve simply been means too previous that i could not  flip them into an precise gaming computer that might play   titles of at present however when i noticed this computer proper right here  as quickly as i noticed the x58 motherboard inside i knew  

I needed to decide it up put it within the boot and get  it again to the tech yeah studio the place what we’re   going to do proper right here is we’ll take out  now the elements which are could possibly be presumably working  

So i’ll take away the motherboard the cpu  and the cooler and likewise the facility provide and likewise   check this two gigabyte stick of reminiscence that was  actually simply sitting inside the pc like   like such so we’re gonna see if we will flip trash  into treasure and make one thing that may play  

A few of these newest and best titles do  you are feeling like this whenever you see this nicely if   so you may eliminate that home windows activation  message with at present’s video sponsored liquid crystal display keys   for as little as 12 usd after you utilize that  coupon bftyc you will get activated at present  

So pulled all of the necessary items out of  the tower and as for that tower i am simply not   even going to hassle with it as a result of it is simply so  dinged up and broken that it isn’t going to make  

For any respectable gaming computer per se and that i’d fairly  simply have an open-air check mattress if i could not   afford a case however what we have got proper right here is the  motherboard that is crucial piece of  

This puzzle if this finally ends up working then i am going  to be tremendous joyful as a result of this one right here is the   worth of this complete pickup and likewise if the facility  provide if this works too then i’ll be  

Actually joyful as a result of that saves lots of  cash when placing collectively a gaming computer now   this card proper here’s a gts 250 i imply  it is a little bit bit no really lots it is   actually lackluster for gaming in 2021 however i imply  some sellers these days they could simply put one in every of  

These playing cards in and name it an extremely quick gaming computer  so do concentrate on that however primarily we’re going   to tug this one up away and we’re left now and  and the blu-ray drive i imply i am probably not into  

I have never used a cd or a dvd i believe for possibly  six or seven years now it is for me personally i   simply by no means use it however after all we’d find a way  to promote one in every of these on ebay or one thing and get  

Some cash for it uh for primarily nothing  however now we’re left with two gigabytes of ram   motherboard and an influence provide and we’re gonna  clear these up at times we’re gonna check   in the event that they work so we’re gonna do a fast clear  nothing tremendous nothing loopy however only a fast  

Clear to get all of the mud and grime off and  then simply see if both of those elements work so we have got some excellent news popping out of this  excellent information and that’s the motherboard the   cpu and even the 2 gigabyte stick of ram are  working completely tremendous although the facility provide  

It is for starters the facility provide i am not  going to make use of the facility provide regardless that it did   activate and the facility provide tester was saying  it was okay there was some coil wine evident and   additionally the 5 volt line was displaying a bizarre  readout there so these two issues coupled  

Collectively plus coupled in with the truth that it  is a really low-cost and nasty energy provide means   i’ll use one thing completely different which that  may have been the rationale why the entire construct   failed on the individual beforehand they simply determined  to chuck it out as a result of possibly one in every of their laborious  

Drives dropped out or one thing they’re like oh  this complete computer is an absolute mess i am simply getting   rid of it regardless that the motherboard is definitely  nonetheless in actually good situation although we’re gonna   be supplementing that with an antec energy provide  now these two elements i am gonna give them an intensive  

Clear proper at times we’re gonna begin  placing collectively a gaming computer for everybody so so so we have now simply completed cleansing up all  these computer elements and you might discover i began   cleansing up an rx 570 4 gig and that is  the graphics card we’re gonna be including in to  

Full this construct we have additionally bought a 500 gigabyte  laborious drive and a 120 gigabyte ssd this appears to   be the price range meta combo proper now now in all probability  pondering what’s with the ram we’ll be   including in since that 2 gigabyte stick works  we’re simply going to be including a ddr3 mash  

Of ram right here to make 12 gigabytes in complete  so we have got all these two gigabyte sticks   simply sitting round right here we add them in and  hope and pray that all of them work collectively   however that is one magnificence about x58 usually you set  all these two gigabyte sticks and even when they’re  

Twin rank and single rank and lots of occasions  they work that is what i discovered with this uh combo   and now energy provide is all cleaned up able to  go and we have got an rgb case right here that i picked up  

For 50 aussie {dollars} so in complete we’re a little bit  bit above 200 {dollars} in our prices and the way a lot   this computer goes to price to place collectively however of  course having a free x58 motherboard and an i7 950   that works completely tremendous is a giant  benefit on this scenario it is going to  

Deliver the value efficiency of this rig up by means of  the roof so let’s put this factor collectively and get constructing and now girls and gents we’ve a computer that’s  able to go and ending off this video we have got  

From trash to treasure it is one factor that i  personally love doing and that’s simply giving   these elements a clear particularly one which’s been  left on the facet of the highway somebody’s deserted   that they simply mentioned look i do not need this anymore  it is rubbish it does not work and i have are available in and  

Picked it up and take a look at what we have turned it  into now granted we have added new elements to this   particularly the case and we have modified the facility  provide over however these elements for the time being they’re   very low-cost in addition to the graphics card we’ll  discuss in regards to the graphics card very quickly however  

Including a brand new case proper now that is the most affordable  i’ve ever seen circumstances this case right here is rgb   timber glass i bought this for 50 aussie {dollars} 120  gigabyte ssds they’re very low-cost for the time being and   i am positive when you look domestically you’ll  discover ddr3 reminiscence particularly two gigabyte sticks  

And presumably even an x58 board or one thing  comparable for very low-cost additionally however after all the   builds like this right here on the channel take your  metropolis you guys have been requesting that i do   extra builds like this these use bangers however i am  simply having a troublesome time um doing them much more  

Than i might often do due to graphics card  costs and so when i make these pcs for the time being   it is form of solely realistically catering in the direction of  individuals who can get good offers domestically as a result of that   is just about the one good graphics card offers  i am getting personally is the place i decide them up  

Native and it isn’t going by means of websites like ebay  or aliexpress and when i’m going on ebay or all specific   i’ve bought zero likelihood of getting a strong deal on  a graphics card and that is simply actuality and even  

Although i am getting strong gpu offers right here domestically  i am nonetheless not getting them on the tempo that i used to be   getting them and so they’re additionally nonetheless not readily  obtainable like they was the place i may   bounce on gumtree or fb and that i may fairly  a lot discover 5 completely different graphics card offers  

That had been able to go now i’ve form of bought to sit down  on there and actually like simply maneuver by means of all   these obstacles and i am like okay this seems  like an honest deal on a gpu let’s try to get  

It and that is how i have been getting my graphics  card offers these days so it’s getting harder to   put collectively these worth efficiency pcs however  we’re undoubtedly doing it right here at tacya metropolis   however hopefully hopefully that crypto worth simply  retains dropping and people mining profitabilities  

Maintain dropping after which we’ll see some  graphics card availability come again into play and   that day i really feel is coming fairly quickly prior to  you assume the one factor left that us players want   is the notorious rug pool and that is and that’s  whoever’s put all this low-cost cash into crypto  

Will get the rug and so they simply pull it out after which  out of the blue the value collapses and uh we already   noticed one instance of that so if we’ve yet one more of  these sort occasions within the crypto discipline then i really feel  

Like that’s going to be celebration time when you’ve been  searching for an inexpensive gpu however within the meantime we’re   ravenous out right here guys it is like please sir can  i get a gpu please put collectively a computer please sir  

Please no boy you bought to place collectively a console  however you do not put collectively a console sir   yeah again to the video however on the observe of this  computer proper right here earlier than we get on out of right here  

Should you guys discover it pcs that individuals now not need  and so they simply assume that possibly it does not work it   does not boot up and so they simply chuck it out or  your buddy has an previous computer mendacity round that  

They now not need may be value your time simply  to test it out and particularly when you’re new to   constructing pcs you may undoubtedly use these older  rigs to check out elements and form of construct up your  

Portfolio of used computer elements after which that is the  that is the fantastic thing about constructing pcs is when you   get a couple of elements in and you have got completely different elements  that you realize work you may combine and match and also you  

Can shortly and simply check which computer elements are  the issue versus which of them are going to work   and so that is what i’ve arrange right here at my studio  it is simple for me to place collectively pcs now and discover  

Out defective elements and shortly diagnose them and of  course clear up the elements and make them appear to be   they’re model new with that mentioned i hope you guys  loved at present’s video when you did make sure you hit  

That like button for us and likewise tell us in  the remark part beneath what you consider this   facet highway pickup computer however discovering a computer on the facet  of the highway i imply how how lengthy earlier than somebody  

Else comes and picks that up i do not know possibly i  gotta do an experiment however talking of experiments   we have got the query of the day which comes from  aaron and so they ask you may purchase a ps4 that may  

Run fortnite higher than this and it’s cheaper  cannot these fools be sued for false promoting   so that they’re referring to yesterday’s video that  we did on the gt710 gaming pcs that individuals are   promoting on ebay it is an absolute joke particularly  once they’re saying it is a quick gaming computer or an  

Extremely quick gaming computer and sure to be sincere a ps4  will run fortnite higher than these pcs will run   fortnite and i believe that is a tragic factor as a result of  you may decide up a ps4 a minimum of domestically right here you  

Can decide them up for actually low-cost proper now so  that that is a significantly better possibility like if you’d like   to get into gaming and you do not know something  about pcs and also you wish to purchase one in every of these rgb  

Extremely quick gaming pcs simply do not you are higher off  simply going with a console and that is i assumed i would   by no means see the day the place i would advocate a console  over a computer however that is how unhealthy the crypto market has  

Uh pushed up gpu costs to the purpose the place you’ve got  bought these actual i simply assume they’re scummy individuals   and so they’re deceptive and so they’re attempting to promote  a graphics card that was by no means meant for gaming   and so they’re placing it in and now that is that was  seven years in the past like this card wasn’t meant for  

Gaming seven years in the past and now they’re placing  it in gaming pcs and saying they’re gaming pcs   in 2021 actually it boggles the thoughts however reply the  final a part of the query i can not these fools be   sued for false promoting i imply maybe however  i believe lots of people aren’t actually going to  

Trouble suing them as a result of they’re in all probability i  imply in the event that they’re promoting 400 gaming pcs they’re   in all probability not going to have a mad like loopy  worthwhile enterprise occurring and even then if   you sued them are you going to get your a refund  as a result of they’re going to in all probability simply say they’re bankrupt  

Even when you win the courtroom case and in order that’s why  lots of the occasions lots of people lots of even   companies and stuff they do not hassle small uh  suing the smaller man as a result of the smaller guys is  

Gonna be like nicely what are you gonna sue me for a  gt 710 gaming computer however in the end when it comes to being   sued in australia even then i believe there is a  sure threshold for the worth of an merchandise and  

What you may sue for in a small claims courtroom and  it is simply actually not going to be value your time   doing that particularly i do know in australia  it isn’t gonna be value your time and so  

I get lots of these guys know that and they also  get away with it however anyway i hope that solutions   that query and when you stayed this far and  you are having fun with that tech sure content material you need  

To see for the time being it drops and uh then bought a  message that threw me off now make sure you hit that   sub button and ring that bell and that i’ll catch you  one other tech video very quickly peace out for now bye you

44 thoughts on “Previous Gaming PC Discovered on the Highway…. Will it Work?”

  1. My dad found a pc thrown out with an i7 2600, asus board not sure which one, Gskill 2×4 8GB ram and a decent aftermarket cpu cooler and a be quiet 400W bronze PSU and it is fully functionall. All it needs is 2 more stix of ram to make it 16 and something like an rx570/580 and there's a beast 1080p gaming pc!

  2. 7:54 not replacing these thermal pads is not a good idea and really weird to see from a guy who know tech better than a lot of people. found it very strange and botched, like you just want it to look good and doesnt care if the customer who will buy it get a dead graphic card after 6 month of use because memory failed or whatever

  3. Nice BRIAN does it again. THX dude. The famous first gens of intel are the best like i7-2600, 2700 k and non k versions and the legendary i7-3700k I still use for gaming and it works great. bought it of aliexpress for cheap price like 80€ (90$) back then and it still works great on MSI MOBO top quality and stability motherboard H61M-P20 (G3) Couldn't wish for more. When i built it never expected such performance paird with wd red 1tb and SSD for Win 10 pro. Plust got the 1660 card for about 200€ 1year ago and installed it in. Works MAGICLY!!! (Also the RAM I bought of aliexpress for about 50€ 16GB DDR3 with 1600MHz)

  4. Finding discarded desktops in the wilderness sure could be useful in some way. If the parts from the inside are no good, just get rid of them and replace them with fresh, new, up-to-date parts. Only the desktop case matters to keep, not the old parts from its inside.

  5. This road PC looks and has better specs than my shitty new PC that are not designed for gaming 🙂
    CPU : Intel Core i5-7400
    GPU: Intel HD 630
    RAM : 16GB DDR4 @3200Mhz
    MoBo: ASUS H110M-CS DDR4
    SSD: 240GB Kingston
    HDD: 1TB USB 3.0
    OS: Windows 11 Pro x64
    PSU: 450W
    Display: 1080p@60Hz

  6. I remember at my old apartment complex I never really extra money for projects. One day taking the trash out to the community garbage dump, I found some old pc that had extra ddr2 ram that I used to run a small q6600 quad core machine. Grats on the find

  7. I just wanted to thank you for your videos. I picked up a Lenovo ThinkCentre PC for less than $50, and it came with an I5 4570 and 8gb ram. I upgraded the CPU to an I7 4790, added another 8gb ram, added to SSDs, and bought a used 1050 ti, and I love it! So thank you for your videos!!

  8. this man dissing the 710….in 2014/2015 it was a good card…when 2016 hit it kinda just sucked……still rocking a 960 2gb and would /really/ love an upgrade, but these prices are insane.

  9. i have a couple old GPU's you can have i got a ati sapphire hd3870 and a nivida geforce 7900 GTX and a few hard drives nothing great but would work in a pinch for free let me know and some ram too stuff i just dont use

  10. ive found so many good pcs.
    the first one I found was one with a gtx 660ti 8gb of ram and some older amd phenonom
    the best one I found was a i7 4770k, r9 290x, rm750 psu, z87 motherboard. it was from a repair shop house thingy so it didnt work but the motherboard was shot but everything else worked. I still use the rm750 im my main rig today because no need to replace it.
    also found a x58 motherboard just chilling ontop of a box and it worked, very random but it worked then broke the next day


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