this ISO-45 class MELTS


this ISO 45 class MELTS Twitch: https://www.Twitch.Television/DiazBiffle TikTok: Twitter: …

Fairly bro he is received dragged come on there’s 4 chests that is it bro there is no loading bro we received lights I received a crossbow this ain’t floaty it is on my again cracked crack cracked Barrel selfie Bro okay I am up I am up bro why is that this map so foggy bro chat you guys slide uh by no means belief these once more bro hey anyone properly why are you proper there on this nook you silly international Avail um what’s that bro I simply heard somebody

Oh he is about to activate you for positive thanks for the plate oh my God oh come on you I am prepared bro oh my God I forgot what you are 20K bro 20K all proper we’re not getting alluded to a sponsor come in your crew is in the identical Zone enemy UAV energetic

% of individuals drunk taking part in Warzone at evening bro I believe the general public are excessive door caught yo what the does this imply bro nah I get the out of right here dude bro why is it so foggy I do know this map seems to be like bro

We simply advised him that the Vlog could be good go go go go go they’re selfing they’re selfing oh entrance go entrance oh these guys are the worst out of right here push it on the sniper on the crew come on oh Ought to I fly on it oh what the it is my cash

Why do I want your cash you purchase one other buddy I do not know You are insane bro what the hell Echo path oh oh God rattling I am laying that head boy you are you are at all times restricted he is blaming his teammate for that no bro yeah what’s up I am gonna want you up Soldier I hate that glitch oh bro I received RPG like that is so cringe that’s so cringe

I get one shot to an RPG dude I am gonna get there reside myself bro okay come on you gotta freak behind me sniping oh my God and there is booty on me oh my is he up high oh my frozen oh my God mates again on station good work

That is bizarre bro simply come down loser you into the world I am not going away Have been lowered you advised me to come back oh my God I am simply gonna bleed out then ah you bought me received me received me come on I belief you you are positive you bought Nate he is received an assist I blocked him I blocked them no plates oh blade they’re prepared

You gotta kill these guys bro right here I will offer you a ping one oh my God there is a bullet when he’s there and yet another yet another I died in two bullets properly executed no you realize Shawnee thanks stand up you’ve got received work to do oh my God me no plates

Questions I am gonna smoke the chunk on the ladder proper right here on the stock filled with ammo across the window Squad is monitoring your place [Applause] oh my God register at Sage want me luck do not hit me come on oh my God this time yeah I am son oh who’s typing oh barely oh

Holy come on you guys will not be peeking brother being rats you to me the place’s my smoke we die collectively bro bro above us hey oh nah we ain’t going up high yeah it is shifting oh I received a masks we’re good we’re good we’re good oh my God discover our means out of right here

No do not end me bro Your personal child get me up freak nearly cracked it does not let me shoot I see Jesse I paid one thing ideas I am prepared international [Applause] Thanks

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  1. I can’t wait for all these cheating warzone excuse for not showing up to the World Series of warzone 😂.I can’t wait what you simps have to say when these guys are banned. The cheating is so out of hand is driving people away in droves and activision finally had enough. You use to make them money but now they losing because the pot has boiled over. Activision ain’t your friend.

  2. The loadout is completely incorrect at the end. 1 attachment isn’t even on the build and the editor only gave us 2 other attachments. Someone needs a new editor asap!

  3. It's great to see how more comfortable Biffle is getting on stream as he gets older. Like this guy never spoke nor seemed comfortable interacting with chat. But now… he's a whole comedian

  4. 4:27 HOW does B manage to hit all his shots on this guy, I can hardly see!?!?!? That's not a rhetorical question, I'm interested because I always loose fights like this.

  5. No body noticed that the weapon tuning he gives DOESN’T match the actual gun he used in the gameplay. The attachments on the Bas P he used and showed doesn’t have those attachments of the tuning pics. Also its supposed to be 4 attachment tunings and he showed 3 attachment tunings… just go back and check everything out. And its not the first time he does this. Im NOT stupid. Diaz Trippn

  6. Great vid but only 2/4 of the tuning screenshots match the 1st full attachment screenshot 🤔 showed ammunition tuning when that wasn’t selected as the attachment, and didn’t show barrel or stock tuning


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