Gaming Desk Assessment – Eureka L Form 60″


An unboxing and overview of the Eureka Ergonomic L-Form 60″ Gaming Desk. On this video I unbox, construct, and overview all of the …

Hello you have reached the assistance desk i am jason right now we will be reviewing the eureka ergonomic 60-inch l-shaped gaming desk so first we will go over unboxing then we will put it collectively present you a few of the steps that i went by means of and possibly a few issues to keep away from

After which let me provide you with my total opinions we have had this desk put collectively for a couple of week and i am i am gonna let you know my ideas and sturdiness stuff like that so let’s get into all of it proper first off whenever you open the field the whole lot’s properly packaged it is in a

Foam of some sort arduous foam the whole lot’s received a spot for it the whole lot’s protected which is sweet this desk is a cut up desk so it will get shipped in two completely different items the whole lot’s pre-drilled with the threaded steel items are pre-installed already glued the transport was undamaged this is the desk with the 2 halves put

Collectively earlier than i put the braces on and the plates um the seam will get closed up fairly shut this plastic nook piece i faraway from the desk and i used to be first putting in this desk with the lights have been type of off and it was darker it was really slightly bit arduous to see

That this little piece was on there and it prevented the desk from being flushed collectively so simply bear in mind to take away that piece in order that the 2 items of desk may be pushed collectively all the way in which and right here you’ll be able to see the formation of the assist system for this desk

Each piece of the desk seems to be correctly supported which is sweet and this is some extra assist braces that go on high the one factor that i observed that the whole lot strains up correctly so i did not have any cross threading points whereas placing these screws in and this is

It with all of the screws which can be in i had comparatively no points placing these in the whole lot threaded properly nothing cross-threaded i did not have an excessive amount of challenge with the whole lot so what i am displaying you proper right here is that these legs are two completely different sizes one for the brief

Depth aspect and one for the lengthy depth aspect okay do not panic this desk is utilized by a nine-year-old and what i’ll present you right here is how messy a nine-year-old could make this desk and it appears to be like just like the floor is not protected very a lot however after we wash it

It comes out fairly good fairly model new it isn’t probably the most resistant materials that i’ve seen on a desk the cougar mars and mars 120 are slightly bit extra scratch resistant however this desk got here out fairly clear and it has these wire chase methods on the

Facet for cable administration which is sweet they’re fairly deep you’ll be able to put a number of wires in there it has a middle part for holding wires from monitor and mouse and keyboard and it additionally has a second chase means on the opposite aspect and this is the desk all put collectively it

Very comfortably holds 127 inch it additionally holds the complete desktop we’re planning on placing two 27 inches on this so the way in which to try this is we will should scoot the pc to the again aspect of the l after which two 27s two 27 inch curves can

Match subsequent to one another now my one gripe with this desk i actually seemed ahead to in different desks is that it solely has a weight capability of 176 kilos and what meaning is how sturdy the desk is so that is simply me placing my arms on the desk and type of

Shifting my arms on the desk it makes the monitor shake makes your mouth shake it is it is sturdy sufficient for a child however for those who’re an even bigger one that possibly kilos on the keyboard or whatnot for those who mount your monitor to this desk you are most likely going to have some shaking of the monitor

And different elements that you are going to have the ability to see shaking all proper i hope you loved the video a pair issues uh to summarize uh the mouse pad does include the desk it is a good mouse pad it is a comfortable material one uh it extends the entire depth of the desk

Um it was fairly good i picked this up throughout the vacation season so it was for 199 i do discover proper now on the time of this video it’s out of inventory um i’ve seen it for 199 i’ve seen it on ergonomics web site eureka’s web site for

As a lot as 2.99 however i believe you will get it for nearer to 200 in any case hope you favored the video um in case you have any uh feedback you want to go away anything you want me to overview or any questions concerning the desk please depart a remark down beneath

Think about subscribing to the channel hit that bell notification and we’ll see you subsequent time bye So

25 thoughts on “Gaming Desk Assessment – Eureka L Form 60″”

  1. Hm the shaking really concerns me. 🙁 I was planning to purchase the electic motor version of this gamer desk but if it shakes this much that's really bad. It would be kinda expensive for me. For that money I would expect 100% steady and massive standing. 🙁 This makes me sad now. 🙁

  2. Hey, I’m having trouble finding the size in inches of the right side of this desk if you could please help me out that would be awesome I’ve been looking everywhere, the $209 version of this desk is 23.5” on the right side, just seeing if this one is the same or bigger , thanks!

  3. Yeah I got this old asf wood desk. I need my desktop on top with 2 34 inches lol. Considering it. I feel like any desk shakes to be honest. Unless you're buying actual like desks. My wood one shakes when I slam it as well lol


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