get your first gun in rust quick and simple a rust getting began information to weapons


Rust is tough sufficient with out having to face gamers who’ve weapons when you’re nonetheless caught within the stone age! That is why immediately I am …

This can be a acquainted sight early on right into a wipe you are sneaking up on a man you make that first shot and he pulls out a gun there you might be useless on the bottom and also you’re considering this was a ship no extra let’s get you weapons let’s get you geared

And let’s have you ever be that man now sadly until your pals already farm them so that you can have them prepared for you while you spawn in all you’ve got bought is that this pretty rock which belief me it’s a pretty rock and that can be utilized for breaking your barrels

Bushes and different rocks and your sturdy torch additionally good for whacking issues principally simply good as a light-weight supply keep in mind holding it out at night time uh for a protracted time frame we’ll most likely get you an arrow within the head cautionary story now as soon as you’ve got spawned

In you are going to need to in a short time hit focus discover out the place you might be be sure it is a appropriate location when you don’t love the place you might be when you’re not shut sufficient to roads and monuments and stuff like that you would be able to at all times hit f1 and sort kill or click on suicide in

Your escape menu and since we have determined we’re in an appropriate location you will need to plan out your journey path now i do like hitting early monuments like water remedy and dome they’re excellent you are also going to need to maintain in

Thoughts of issues just like the deserted cabins lighthouse and grocery store as these will give you inexperienced playing cards and a good way to get early scrap now assuming that the roads forward of me aren’t already hit i’m going to move over to e13 run up the highway then head in direction of bandit

Camp bandit cam goes to present me a fast safe approach to recycle in addition to construct crossbows nail weapons different issues to safe myself from there i will most likely head down in direction of water remedy which does provide nice sources when it comes to each barrels and crates getting this stuff early lots

Of individuals are inclined to ignore them and also you’re often secure to truly simply farm the barrels now you clearly do have to attend be careful for different folks seeking to kill you however as a result of so many individuals are skipping the barrels there’s an enormous approach to seize scrap early on

If the barrels round you might be all taken merely transfer to a different space as rapidly as you may utilizing a horse or f1 killing no i do not know you actually do not even need to say it i i’ve learn the feedback earlier than i do know y’all are gonna be saying all proper all

The barrels are gone i wasn’t in a position to get any barrels there are not any barrels for me how am i speculated to get any barrels nicely i imply there’s a couple of approach to do it you gotta assume exterior the field now sure monuments do have barrels spawning round them

In some circumstances you might need to do one thing like come to a fishing village which will be situated in in your map with this very apparent image in addition to the little store fender you come over to this gentleman and for 125 scrap you should buy a small

Boat now that looks as if plenty of scrap and you are like nicely i am attempting to get scrapped for different issues that appears irresponsible however by getting considered one of these boats you may really get your self onto the seas and right here you are going to discover yourselves with extra barrels in addition to trades {that a}

Lot of individuals most likely did not hassle going to easily as a result of there may be now a barrier to entry you will need to maintain observe your gasoline nonetheless you will see that crimson barrels as you go supplying you with loads of gasoline so when you’re out you are merely going

To need to sidle as much as these islands come on right here harvest away as you usually will holding in thoughts that when you break the final barrel it’ll begin sinking now do be sure you flip off your boat each time earlier than you get off as you

Don’t desire it to run away from you if it does run away you may nonetheless swim to it it simply may take a short time and be a bit of irritating now you may be asking your self rex i believed we have been gonna get weapons i believed this complete factor was about

Weapons why’d you’ve got me farming barrels all day for scrap i haven’t got any bps scrap does not assist me i do not want a workbench nicely it is as a result of there’s these distributors and lots of people do not use them there’s one in outpost it is this one proper right here you should buy weapons

Um i do not actually like shopping for this gun it’s good in case you are seeking to bp it early you should buy this gun blueprint this gun and it’s a good way to have a blueprint set on the server it’s positively one thing value eager about you too can come on over right here

Purchase clothes if you want you simply come over into this man right here and in case you are strapped for fabric or rope shopping for these gloves for under 40 scrap will really provide you with 5 stitching kits which recycle actually properly into fabric and cord and extra fabric

Uh take into accout you may at all times now use these fantastic drones hopefully in the event that they’re nonetheless within the sport on the time of this video they’re topic to alter however you need to use these to order from different locations nope as a substitute i will convey you right here to my pretty

Bandit camp the place they will not allow you to carry weapons now it doesn’t matter what i would like i can not pull out my weapon however you discover i can pull out my rock and that is one thing that lots of people do not realize however it’s one thing crucial to bear in mind because of this

In bandit camp in a secure zone the place no person can kill me i can farm timber now that does imply i can safely farm weapons equivalent to spears and bows with out having to fret about getting killed nevertheless it additionally does allow you to do one very sneaky factor that lots of people

Do not understand which is farm these barrels proper right here now along with your rock oddly sufficient when you’ve got a paddle you may pull it out in a secure zone utilizing a paddle you may in a short time farm barrels this can provide you plenty of final minute scrap that you simply may want

And let you farm in a short time moreover you may at all times go and gamble in a bit of room proper there take a look at extra movies on my channel when you’re keen on some playing ideas or simply normal playing shenanigans however surely we’re right here for a complete different purpose

Really first earlier than i present you that there’s another fast manner when you’re ever low on scrap and you end up just a bit little bit of scrap away you may come to this gentleman right here he’ll purchase issues that you simply’re not going to make use of like

Excessive qual steel supplying you with fairly a little bit of scrap for just a bit little bit of excessive equal that you simply’re not utilizing for anything promoting this stuff right here will help provide you with a bit of little bit of a lift in direction of getting what you need now do keep in mind when you’ve got your

Paddle you do not need to swing on enemy gamers as that may instantly make you hostile and get you gunned down by these cruel guards nonetheless along with your scrap in an effort to get your self geared and provides your self an enormous benefit on the server come to this man right here

Right here you’ll purchase an m9 pistol now you are considering to your self rex an m9 pistol that does not assist me i solely have six bullets what am i gonna do with six bullets nicely simply down the steps proper right here from this pretty gentleman or girl i believe it is a girl proper there

You are gonna come over right here climb this ladder proper right here and have a look at this this pretty little analysis desk right here you’ll unload your gun seize one bullet exactly one bullet throw in your scrap and start to analysis instantly you now have the flexibility to make bullets that may be a crucial issue

Going forward now you may be considering to your self okay however rex you have not even put down a base you do not have something you are able to do what are you want how how are you going to make bullets you’ve got bought a gun with now solely 5 bullets and and that is not going to

Get you very far nicely i do not know when you have been paying consideration however up right here with this pretty girl proper right here you should buy grenades now at present i’m a bit of low on scrap however i will need to farm some extra barrels however even 4 grenades goes to permit

Me to do one thing simply completely fantastic you are going to need to simply mosey on over right here to the playing corridor which occurs to ooh a barrel proper over there see we’ll farm that and no person else actually farms these barrels as a result of they’re in a secure zone

And persons are apprehensive that they’ll get shot do watch some gamers we’ll attempt to soar in entrance of you deliberately simply to get you killed only for the lulls anyhow right here you are gonna recycle these you are gonna need to keep in your recyclers different folks will

Attempt to jack your grenades however you are simply gonna sit in right here for a second or two recycling now that we’re all completed recycling we have acquired a great quantity of gunpowder we will at all times go and purchase extra grenades if we wish however upon getting what you’ve got which is

Going to make extra bullets for us that is why we recycle the grenades by the way in which it’s giving us direct gun powder which we’re going to use to make bullets i am simply going to need to come down right here comply with this path you really simply need

To form of make a b line for the doorway to proper right here and also you’re in search of the constructing proper earlier than this gate proper right here in right here you will see that a workbench degree one you’ll are available right here you’ll go right here you’ll make as a lot ammo as you may

Now that’s going to be 4 occasions 12 already giving me 48 bullets now that i’ve come right here and crafted some bullets i am already sitting on 53 bullets to go for my good m9 pistol now that’s a good way to get began and it should give me an enormous benefit in

Fights to come back as most individuals will merely have a bow or a crossbow do not forget you may craft a crossbow or compound bow on the workbench while you’re there you additionally do at all times have the choice of shopping for an m39 a spaz or an lr all of that are nice

Weapons early on within the sport and can provide you an enormous benefit early in a white now there are different methods to get ammo and in case you are struggling to get ammo my most popular technique is as soon as i get an m9 and an lr i’ll really have a look at the map actually

Rapidly i’ll find oil rig and i’ll go there in a short time as when you use a compound bow to kill the primary scientist on oil rig and make your manner on you’ll get loads of pistol and 5 5 ammo in addition to medical syringes that often offers me loads of issues

To get my spouse going and often retains me forward of the competitors now it should not matter a lot whether or not or not you are on a low pop whether or not you are on a excessive pop whether or not the wipe occurred yesterday or whether or not it occurred half-hour in the past utilizing this technique and the easy value of

250 scrap for a gun 75 for a bp and wherever from 8 to 100 scrap for ammo you may have a gun a bunch of ammo and you will be able to take down anybody who comes throughout your path now if this video helped you in any respect and also you’re in search of extra ideas tips or

Recommendation to assist additional and advance your spouse be sure you subscribe to my channel as nicely do not forget to hit that like button because it does assist me out lots as nicely that allow me know down beneath within the feedback if this did assist you to and any ideas you

May need for future movies oh i needed to he had a pumpy i needed to [ __ ] you it has no ammo i do not care i needed to he had a pumpy yo are you able to revive me although no you took the weapons although [ __ ] bro i hear you however like satchels like [Applause]

No i am for actual dude i have been within the chat begging for [ __ ] i am rex moore man let’s simply maintain our wooden our blue pit in our hammer

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  1. cool but this fooled me since I thought abandoned cabins was the same as bandit camp. Got quite pissed when I got mowed down there by people with way more powerful guns. My server map doesn't have bandit camp

  2. Thanks man, right now im just chilling with a bow in my base along with my friend and have been wanting a gun but i haven't been sure on how i should get one, you have just helped a lot with that.


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