Gimana Caranya Biar Enggak Kena Hack? (ft. Jenius)


Apakah di hape kalian kamera dan mic? Di laptop computer kalian juga ada? Dan juga ada keyboardnya? Dan kalian nyimpen file-file …

Do you’ve this in your smarthphone? How about your Laptop computer? do your devices have microphone in it? and now have a keyboard? and you retain your secret information there Watch out! each 39 seconds somebody is hacked the horrible factor is many individuals do not realize they’re hacked

The query is “will we get hacked?” is there somebody listening to us proper now? and the way can we forestall this? welcome to the darkish facet of the our on-line world in Indonesia alone, if totaled we received assaults 1.2 billion instances every single day. ranging from the stolen social media accounts,

Checking account that was burglarized, Taken confidental firm information even our former president had been tapped large circumstances just like the leaking of knowledge of tens of tens of millions of individuals on fb NSE circumstances that spy on folks by way of webcam the hacked and disseminated lots of of artist’s private photographs

Viruses which have breached 20% of the world’s computer systems even a virus that damages a rustic’s nuclear program and all these circumstances, on common, was occurred with out them realizing that they’re being hacked Insane! (-_-) Subsequently, how do we all know that we’re being hacked? and likewise learn how to forestall it?

The purpose to stop hacking is we additionally should perceive how the hackers work. though they’re very some ways and never all of them could be mentioned on this video. as a result of it is going to be very lengthy however these are the three ways in which most frequently utilized by hackers to hack

The primary means is to place a virus in our gadget which may spy on our mic, digicam and keyboard the aim is often to steal our private information the second means is to flood a web site with quite a lot of information assaults till lastly that web site is closed

This technique is often not meant for somebody like us however addressed for the big firms so as trigger chaos and the final and most typical technique to deceive somebody is disguising and claiming to be a reliable individual however it isn’t one way or the other it says we’re profitable a prize,

Pretending to be an essential individual or create a pretend web site now we all know their methods however then learn how to forestall all of it? in sum, it as similar as driving, or crossing the road, the bottom line is to all the time be vigilant, see left and proper no matter we click on

Or no matter we open or regardless of the messages we get all the time be vigilant by doing these easy issues for instance once we’re looking by the web don’t be simply tempted by ads that seem in all places when driving an internet Ojek, be sure the driving force information is matching with the applying

And for individuals who love to do on-line purchasing, take note of the store whether or not the store is suspicious or not Retailer web site additionally must be thought of whether or not it’s protected to enter our information particularly for crucial factor, the place we save our cash Select a service that you simply already trusted

And there are security options so, to be safer there are some issues we should take note of the primary is our password a great instance is that we will use completely different e-mails and passwords for every of our wants and remember to make your passwords as tough as doable

As a result of hackers can crack passwords like this in lower than one second additionally cut back the usage of VPN or unreliable Free Wi-Fi and take note of our banking’s official web site as a result of by free wifi or pretend web sites hackers can steal our information simply

So all of that can be capable to decrease your danger to get hacked within the midts of many new issues on the web. so exploring the our on-line world is like having a home though we’ve got felt protected by locking our doorways there have to be a spot the place the thief can enter

So the bottom line is to all the time be vigilant so long as being vigilant with one factor does not make us unaware of the rest and as all the time~ Thank You Thankyou for watching “Kok Bisa?” Have another Query? Please Write within the remark part beneath Maintain Asking and Keep Curious -Translating Assigment of PBI-UINAM-

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  1. Siapa di sini yang passwordnya masih pake angka tanggal lahir!? Jangan dibiasain make yang gampang ditebak gitu ya… karena intinya itu bikin kita gampang kena hack! Hmm… Selain make password yang susah, apa lagi yang mesti kita lakuin biar aman dari hacker jahat!? Diskusiin yuk!

    Oh ya, thanks to Jenius udah kerja sama bareng Kok Bisa bahas soal masalah keamanan berinternet!!

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