Bagaimana Gerhana Matahari Bisa Terjadi?


9 Maret nanti fenomena gerhana matahari whole secara ekslusif hadir hanya untuk Indonesia! Fenomena yang menakjubkan ini …

On 9 March 2016 a complete photo voltaic eclipse could possibly be seen from Sumatra Island Borneo (Kalimantan) Celebes (Sulawesi) as much as Halmahera Lots of people world wide confirmed their enthusiasm with this However in actual fact, many people in Indonesia have no idea about this However, how can this phenomenon happen?

And why this might very particular? That is particular as a result of a complete solar eclipse final occurred in Indonesia in 1983 which implies a really very long time in the past This phenomenon occurred in Indonesia solely about as soon as each 33 years Which implies, if we missed this on this 12 months

We’re capable of see it in Indonesia in 2046 Sure, as soon as once more, 2046! Nicely, again to our first matter How does the whole solar eclipse happen? The purpose is, a complete solar epclise occurred when moon ,an object that makes you pondering it appears to be like like meals that offered by road distributors,

Is between solar and our earth Moon on this place cowl the daylight that heading on earth and create a shadow on earth and so we referred to as it, Photo voltaic Eclipses Moon’s shadow that in direction of earth has 2 elements Penumbra, which is moon’s shadow that may’t cowl your entire daylight

Ensuing the partial solar eclipses if we have a look at it from earth after which, the opposite half’s referred to as Umbra A part of moon’s shadow that cowl your entire daylight This Umbra ensuing a complete photo voltaic eclipses which may be very very very very stunning and in addition unique happen in Indonesia this 12 months

So, after figuring out all of these things remember to rejoice the Complete Photo voltaic Eclipse on March ninth tomorrow and as soon as once more Unique in our nation, Indonesia and as ususal Thank You

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  1. Intinya karena cocoknya posisi bulan, bumi, dan matahari. Hal ini bisa terjadi karena mereka memiliki periode berputar yang beda – beda..Recomended banget nih channel Ko Bisa, kontennya asik dan mendidik. Semangat dan sukses terus ya min!! Buat yang suka belajar dari channel bisa juga kepoin "Sisi Terang" dan "Inspiratips"๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. di kartun upin ipin katanya dulu gerhana matahari terjadi setiap 100 tahun, nyatanya kaeknya gak gitu, kaeknya gerhana matahari setiap 5-6 tahun, aku lahir 2008, saat aku kecil sekitar tahun 2015 ada gerhana matahari, sekarang 2021 ada gerhana matahari lagi, jadi yang bener tuh teorinya kartun upin ipin ato bukan


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