Does Walmart’s $129 Gaming Monitor Suck? #youtube #youtubeshorts #trending


youtube #youtubeshorts #trending Higher choices on amazon for across the identical value, however not a foul monitor if you cannot wait.

That is Walmart’s 23 inch 130 greenback branded gaming monitor from on for you guys who do not know on is definitely Dura model an organization that is made numerous merchandise for Walmarts through the years that is 165 Hertz freesync g-sync succesful 1ms TN panel and I am right here to see if it sucks

Proper off the bat this monitor will get some main Bounty factors as a result of in its value level I do not know another monitor that really has adjustable peak and tilt for actually simply 130 {dollars} initially I believed this was a TN panel it might be a VA panel it isn’t IPS it

Does not look unhealthy but it surely wants colour calibration I’ve seen opinions saying there’s been vivid spots I do not see any issues with this panel let’s have a look at the way it video games so truthfully guys for the price this monitor is not unhealthy uh what sucks is that there are numerous good screens on this

Worth level and so I do not know if I essentially advocate this in case you can look forward to one thing on Amazon however in case you want a pinch it seems prefer it’s simply going to be positive ensure to enter this month’s giveaway and get subscribed

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  1. I have this monitor and mainly use this as a second monitor for discord and my browser. It’s a perfect monitor for light gaming or office work. Deff better monitors for the same price but none that are adjustable to the degree this one is.


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