Automation Empire Gameplay Ep 1 – BETTER THAN FACTORIO and SATISFACTORY?


New Actual-Time Technique Tycoon Sim Manufacturing Administration Recreation 2019 – Factorio/Passable model Recreation Automation Empire …

Hey guys and welcome to automation Empire a sport you’re simply gonna fall in love with oh I’ve already fallen in love with it I am already hooked on it it’s superior we’re simply going to leap in and begin cease enjoying and I will inform you

About it as we go alongside that is there are a bunch of various maps that you could play on with completely different environments the goals are the identical but it surely’s identical to like what what sort of atmosphere you want enjoying on we’re gonna begin the cut up valley and our goal right here

Is to output 25,000 kilograms of sources does not matter what it’s and we now have to try this in a in a three-month interval okay but it surely’s not such as you’ve bought three months to do it it is like throughout any three month interval it’s good to output 25,000 appears

So easy proper and it’s and it’s but it surely’s the sport’s type of like chess nicely that we name it Skyland and I am gonna say begin them out no star mode begins you with a bunch of beginning buildings we will begin from absolute scratch so the video games like chess is such

A easy sport if you consider it it is bought you have bought only a few items very restricted strikes however the permutations make it an extremely deep and complicated sport proper so that is precisely the identical cut up valley 25,000 in three months okay let’s do that and I will present you find out how to

Get like just about an ideal begin and make a great deal of cash actually rapidly so let’s let’s begin off the best way you enter and output to the map initially it is by way of Street and hearth vehicles so we will take em we’re gonna take a highway entry and I am gonna flip it round and

Principally simply bury it into any of those rocks and that is your that is your place to begin so we’ll begin off with we’re having an entry level there after which I will put in a a loading level or pit cease flip that round and I will put that immediately and

Then I am gonna have the remainder of the highway going over in that route and we will have a highway exit shock shock going out over right here that may do properly okay now we began off with 180,000 and you’ll see I’ve already spent a ton

Simply placing this in and as quickly as we get the highway related we’ll begin getting vehicles coming in right here now you will see this pit cease is crimson in the intervening time we have to flip that on so we’ll say it is turned off in the intervening time and you’ll set the precedence on your drones

We’ll get the drones in a second we’ll say that is excessive precedence in order that’s now turned on that is lively okay we now have sources mendacity across the map these are coal deposits these are iron deposits up right here we have got some extra coal over right here we have got some extra iron down right here

Someplace bought some extra iron down right here some extra coal down right here and there are different deposits off on the map now in the intervening time we’re restricted to this space however in a while we’ll be capable to increase even additional okay so what are we going to do how will we

Get these things out of the bottom nicely we’re gonna begin off with a mining rig now this price us 800 a month when it comes to electrical energy okay so it price us 800 months 800 a month in electrical energy and this video games all about balancing your output towards your energy utilization

I really like the simplicity of this sport it’s superior proper I’m gonna put onto this a storage so we’re gonna output utilizing a switch tube it is simply the are key to rotate by the best way I really like all of the controls all of the controls make sense on this sport makes use of middle-mouse to maneuver to

Transfer this round WASD for this and yeah R to rotate it is all completely intuitive controls that you’ve got utilized in one million different video games proper we will use a small container to retailer the stuff after which I will output it utilizing one in every of these switch tubes so we will

Output it and what are we going to output it into nicely we will put it into our vehicles so we will have a mine observe which goes to be working alongside right here okay in order that’s how that works now we will energy all these things and I’ve

Bought to place in an influence station so let’s get let’s get the electrical energy put in I feel I will put my energy station someplace over right here within the center in all probability about there now what one other factor I really like about this sport is when you put one thing within the improper place

Proper you might simply delete it and also you get all the cash again so you’ll be able to plan it you’ll be able to fiddle you’ll be able to strive it out and I adore it this sport does all the pieces proper the individuals who designed this know find out how to design a sport I am saying it proper up entrance you are gonna

Adore it so let’s put that in over there after which I am gonna put in some some energy poles to convey some energy over right here yeah you recognize what that is nice for now okay so we will have this outputs into the storage the storage outputs into minecart that are going to be

Going round on a observe after which on the different finish now as an instance I need this minecart sorry the eventual output popping out right here pay attention you recognize what let’s do that permit’s type of work backwards which is I feel on this sport it is type of a great way to do it so that you

Must it’s good to package deal up the products for them to be shipped out and also you try this with a crepe maker okay so here is an awesome maker we’ll flip this round and we’ll put in a crepe maker as an instance I will put the crepe maker there proper

No cause I am placing it there but it surely’s like why you set a bit nearer it is as a result of we need to output and that is an unload station so we’re unloading the products from right here it is a little bit bit complicated the load and unload however we’re unloading from right here after which like like

If we have been out placing stuff from right here we might use a load so we’re unloading from right here and and we are able to make this like so long as we wish but it surely’s costly two and a half thousand every one in every of these conveyors so I am in all probability gonna put in a pair for now

Yeah that is proper and once more you see that is learn like I really like that it is clear proper that is turned off in the intervening time so we are able to flip it on and we are able to set the precedence for the drones we will set that to high-priority we’ll get to

Attempt it in a second okay so how does the stuff get into this nicely we will do comparable type of factor we’re gonna put in a storage I am simply going to make use of a small container for now I am simply going to get this proper so let’s put that there

Oh no really that is the improper place I must put that on additional again since you want a connector so we will have one in every of these switch tubes and it must be going out of right here into this one ebook alright so how does these things

Get into right here nicely the alternative the alternative switch tube that we used over right here in order that’s that is placing stuff into the carts we will use one which sucks it out of the carts flip you round and I really like that the arrows are completely clear it’s totally tough to

Mess up with this sport which is superior now I am this and I am saying this is not lined up proper now and I like video games that may be like into their issues as a result of she’s like oh man it is not it is not lined up and I am unable to promote

These items as a result of it is I do not get all of the stuff again however with this we are able to simply go oh nicely no downside let’s eliminate that that and that permit’s put in what it needed oh nicely first I need I need my the factor that sucks it up out of the minecarts there

We go after which that goes right into a storage after which that comes out like that after which it goes right into a crepe maker which I am unable to fairly put eliminate that one put it within the crepe maker crate make it ghost there after which we are able to throw in a

Couple extra of those unloads increase increase there we go alright superior wanting good now we are able to initially simply have the automotive a minecart going backwards and forwards finally we will flip it right into a loop however we’re gonna begin with this so I am simply gonna add one automotive they price

5,000 it is costly look we begin with 180 we’re already all the way down to 34,000 so we put in a mic up they usually would possibly begin reduce begins going backwards and forwards and it will replenish right here unload right here Philip you unload right here proper to get this working all we have to do is end off

The ability so we’ll seize we’ll seize one other energy pole run that over there and run that there and now our mine spring the Steiff now this outputs one coal ore each 10 seconds and you’ll see it goes into right here and it will if we watch this carefully you will see really see this

Going up after which when there’s sufficient in there it will replenish ah I really like the animations as nicely after which it will get sucked up into right here and can go into there what the primary one simply type of will get saved in right here however then the subsequent

One which comes alongside which needs to be any time now come on seize that there we go after which dad will come over right here now nonetheless not feeding into there but however it should oh nicely you recognize what we have not bought any energy over right here that is why let’s

Get to energy poles and hook this up and on this ought to begin demanding from this come on come on convey me some there it goes oh and now that is beginning to journey out I do not know why we’re not seeing the the graphic there if the yeah anyway so

This is able to be shipped out nicely how will we get it from right here to the truck nicely the reply is drones and we have to arrange to start with a drone Bay price us 320 a month it is an costly constructing however that is it is a it supplies wi-fi

Computation energy for for drones homes a neural community supercomputer so I am simply gonna pop this in behind the behind the facility station there that is nice after which we will seize drums and let’s put in a single two three 4 drones and people drones will choose up the crates

They’re loaded onto the truck and when the truck is loaded up with six crates right here comes the sixth one increase the truck will disappear off the map and as soon as that has disappeared off the map we’ll receives a commission for these sources okay so let’s somebody have a look at pit so

At present we now have already used 730 energy one thing that he does with an influence this goes off the map and we’ll get our first income which is about however I used to be wanting up there that is the earlier month we get 7,000 in income proper now every one in every of these ticks there are 4 ticks per

Month the place you pay on your energy so our energy this this setup is costing us some 700 per 30 days oh sorry 700 per week in order that’s costing us like 3,000 per 30 days after which as an instance we have already made 14,000 so this little setup good environment friendly little setup that is bringing

Us in further money so now we are able to begin enhancing this so what’s the very first thing we need to do nicely the very first thing I need to do is begin producing extra so we will put in over right here one other mining rig however mining rig goes in and in

We’re gonna seize one other small container Oh which I am unable to afford gotta anticipate a little bit bit extra cash to come back in come on load it up guys now at first is gradual proper it takes you a little bit little bit of time to get the money actually rolling in however it is a

Actually good begin and in I will present you ways this builds up actually properly now I’m wondering can I get that energy pole additional over to succeed in that one in all probability to not be sincere so typically you’ll be able to like the location of your energy poles alright you recognize I do not suppose it is a very

Environment friendly placement of my energy poles so I am gonna redo them to come back up three 4 5 can I do it higher than that permit’s discover out so I am going dwelling one two and three 4 and 5 sure so I bought all the pieces related did not must put any further polls in proper

That is like me some cash alright so now I may put in one other storage let’s seize one other small container smoked attained it goes in there after which we seize up now that is bronchus within the improper place as a result of I’ve bought to place a pipe in between it so let’s seize small container

Goes there connector flips round the precise manner so he goes out of the out of the mine into the storage after which will get dumped into an all automotive wait I’ve bought a little bit case to purchase it want one other thousand come on guys get that large shipped out oh right here we go bought one other

Two crates popping out that’ll fill this truck do not give us one other six thousand that ought to sound like seven thousand is not it so that ought to give me sufficient took this up so what are we what we wish we need to lengthen a mine observe now can afford to try this so that is the improper

Approach let’s strive that once more I take that oh no I have never bought sufficient I’ve simply paid for my subsequent lot of electrical energy however now I’ve bought six thousand now we do we are able to lengthen the mine observe to there we are able to put within the switch tube to dump it

Into the cart or some supply so now we have got two of those producing so if there is not sufficient in a single it’s going to replenish at the second however what we may additionally do if we so wished is so as to add an additional automotive so now they’ll each replenish but it surely

Pauses for a second as a result of if we have got two carts they each want to have the ability to get below right here so meaning we have to lengthen this up what I am gonna do is get my playing cards however fairly than simply lengthen it I am gonna get the observe to curve like that

So go so now it sucks out of there sucks out of there candy it is nonetheless not seeing it the animation in there do not know why so that is churning these things up now you’ll be able to see this has solely bought room for 4 okay and on the subsequent truck hasn’t arrived but

So what we have to do is lengthen this a little bit bit in order that we are able to know we are able to we are able to have extra stuff queued up prepared for the vehicles to reach so I let’s get all dangerous I have never bought cash to do it fast right here comes the subsequent truck although the place’s

The final rose yeah there is a 7,000 from the final truck however this stuff like two and a half thousand every they are not low cost flip you round let’s lengthen it by two that leaves me two thousand 2 hundred however now we’re even a drones are even nearer to allow them to

Replenish even faster so let’s have a look at we have got one two three 4 5 crates six crates what we actually want subsequent is to have the ability to have extra vehicles coming in so that is what we will do subsequent we will increase our or enhance the frequency

Of our truck exhibiting up right here we go cuz look that is bringing stuff up we will not produce any extra I imply fortuitously it’s going to get saved in right here there’s nothing in there in the intervening time that will get loaded up however see what we have already bought what masses to ship out in order quickly as

This man strikes himself and will get off the map that’ll give us sufficient that I can put in a second truck cease and if I put in a second truck cease it’s going to enhance the frequency of the vehicles coming in right here we go subsequent one getting loaded up that is all working properly proper we have

Bought sufficient so I am gonna pause it only for a second only for a second as a result of I I imply you do not really must to pause it as a result of this truck it’s going to simply wait till you have constructed the highway so what we’ll do is put in one other

Pit cease and when you round up oh no it should let me put it in however there we go and we’ll set that to excessive precedence turned on alright what we must always see now hopefully is the primary truck coming in after which we must always see a second truck

Coming in comparatively quickly he mentioned hopefully we’ll say automotive you gonna are available sure right here comes a second truck however you’ll be able to see that is that is actually churning them out so I’ve bought a little bit bit of money so I am gonna lengthen this what I need my unload station so let’s flip you

Round that manner and we’ll lengthen this out perhaps three so we’re getting them like just about as near the vehicles as we probably can now drones are very very very silly as you will note as we go ahead finally we are able to change drones with with with Claude Rains so we

Can even have the Claude trains which can switch immediately from a prepare not these not these pathetic little mine vehicles all our correct trains we are able to no we may switch the sources immediately by way of a crane or a claw crane onto the vehicles after which we do not have to cope with these pretty senseless

Drones they severely they actually haven’t any clue why they do all of them like attempt to do the identical factor on the identical time so look all of them go to choose up the identical crate they get in one another’s manner however that is however that is actually superior as a result of

This sport is all about like find out how to do issues essentially the most environment friendly manner all proper so we as an instance we have got twenty seven thousand what we wish what will we need to will we need to enhance the stuff going out the door so we’re going to go together with

One other mining rig although that goes in after which I am gonna put in one other storage so storage small container that is gonna go there we’ll have a switch tube going the precise manner increase after which that is gonna go from there outputted on to coach so are you able to see the place that is going

I feel you in all probability can so now we’re gonna flip this observe right into a loop so we’ll go you recognize need to do it from there cuz I need to be as fast as potential there we go increase now we want a little bit bit extra energy to hook this up so however

That is that attached alrighty and that is going to start out producing so I’ll put an additional cart on there so now we have got three carts on you that is sucking up all of the stuff now that is type of an ideal setup why be cursed this I am sorry this produces one

Coal or each ten seconds okay so if I’ve bought three meaning I am producing three each ten seconds after which over right here this packager produces one crate each three seconds which suggests it might probably cope with three iron ore each 9 seconds so we’re producing three each ten and coping with three each 9

Seconds so that is mainly good setup now alright drones do our drones are doing fairly darn good they’ve loaded up that truck the subsequent truck arrives and right here they go the subsequent vehicles coming in however you recognize what it might be very nice if we type of had like six drones so let’s

Improve the variety of drones let’s go over right here and we’ll put in one other drone bay flip that round pop that in there and we’ll purchase one other couple of droughts increase increase there we go Oh some sauce how’s the money nonetheless bought 7,000 that is gonna convey us in one other 7,000 peachy

All proper pay for a little bit water electrical energy electrical energy so let’s have a look at what are we doing nicely final month we made 55,000 every week it price us 7,000 in energy and taxes and we set a file of 100 and two kilograms shipped out now keep in mind we have got to ship out

25,000 in a 3 month interval we’re doing like 100 in the intervening time however we are able to increase and there is much more to it than this oh yeah that is the place the depth begins to come back in okay to start with you have bought just like the effectivity of

The way you set you get your operation up however there’s a complete analysis factor and like the very first thing is the refiner and the manufacturing facility this unlocks terrific the fireplace refiner and the manufacturing facility the refiner lets you flip for instance coal ore into coal now what

This implies is it is a lot denser so it is a lot heavier so like as an alternative of those crates which presently maintain I feel they maintain time period 1 1 kilogram of coal ore proper when you refine it they’re going to maintain 10 kilograms of of simply pure coal and it is the identical with with iron and then you definitely

Additionally in a while you have bought issues just like the combiner which lets you mix issues into even heavier supplies metal for instance so yeah it is about it is concerning the effectivity when you arrange it is about your switch transport choices it is about researching to get higher methods to supply sources heavier

Assets that you could ship out inside the time interval you have bought these analysis I imply we’ll undergo this within the subsequent episode episode goes to be analysis and stepping it as much as the manufacturing facility after which we have got the analysis upgrades this lets you enhance the

Efficiency of your drones your mine carts you vehicles your trains your claw trains all that type of stuff and that’s it however males with such a easy set of parts all my god the the permutations for how one can set this up are unbelievable you recognize what

I’ve bought 46,000 that the subsequent job actually is to arrange an identical operation to this over right here proper so we might need to go together with mining rig after which I would need no matter one I need storage I need to put a small container in there I need to

Put a switch tube in there I’d need to arrange a brand new minecart that is gonna be there in order that’s gonna be there we’re gonna have outputting from a transport chain butts down round that goes in there now if I will arrange an operation like that like I’ve bought

Right here over right here I am gonna want extra vehicles proper so I am gonna let that truck get out of there and eliminate that maintain it down I can eliminate extra after which I am gonna need to put in let’s have a look at truck stops I am gonna need a bit retailer

Up there oh I’ve bought room to place you in one other pit cease proper oh no what am I gonna do nicely it is lifeless straightforward we’ll we’ll hook that up in order that these can really proceed going out we simply put in one other highway entry oh yeah after which yeah it is only a case of

Scaling up so we might need to repeat the scenario that I’ve bought occurring right here over right here so let’s seize oh man an ally station cease we will be unloading I say I need to unload there actually yeah in order that’s that is the place we’re gonna be unloading finally so meaning I am

Gonna need my manufacturing facility lined up with that and on the place’s my truck gonna be my vehicles gonna be right here so let’s run my observe out open up my automotive observe the observe Oh flip it round it is gonna go up right here to about there that it’s going to flip round and are available again

For for these two right here and so now I can now I am unable to I immediately I’ve bought 17,000 to spend so now I can really end this off what I need I need unload station lengthen that each one the best way out to there all proper cool let’s have a look at and I

Suppose we are able to in all probability get one other couple of drones occurring right here so let’s seize what do we wish we wish drones do not cannot simply paint the electrical energy invoice fast truck get out I feel I would like two vehicles so as by two drones we have got six of a possible eight however I gotta say

Our trans are literally doing a fairly good job of maintaining in the intervening time proper let’s get this working we want we want an or truck so let’s put a an or truck or a minecart on there uh-oh I must bump them the facility to

That so let’s run energy one two three okay so now that is gonna begin yeah that is producing you are gonna get stuffed up no not this time subsequent time perhaps come on come on Philip you recognize you need to and also you and straight into there after which that is gonna begin

Producing packages pray so now now we undoubtedly want these further a few drones I am throwing the additional couple of drones and now you’ll be able to see it is written repeat I’ve simply bought to place within the further two mines over right here full the loop of the observe after which we’re producing tons

Of money like I mentioned that is going to get the cash actually rolling in at that time we are able to begin to consider researching and getting our first manufacturing facility going that is going to be the subsequent episode guys if you wish to see that come again I hope you loved this

Please depart me a remark and let me know what you consider the sport and I’ll catch for the subsequent one peace out

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  1. So in the other environments there are different things you need to worry about … like Build space, certain materials $ cash-flow you get per weight is drop deeper you go into each scenario. So maximizing the effenciy of the weighted items is a must. Some maps you have much less build space which can make it some-what difficult to plan out.. Don't play it off when say 250kg require for victory, this game has deeper depth further down the Rabbit hole you claim.


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