Apa yang Terjadi Jika Seluruh Es Bumi Mencair?


Kalau semua es di Kutub Utara dan Selatan mencair, kira-kira apa yang akan terjadi pada Bumi ya? — Tanyakan pertanyaan …

If we glance from house, Earth seems so blue. As a result of nearly your entire floor is roofed by water of all of the plentiful water is simply 3%, which is saved within the type of ice each within the North Pole, the South Pole, or in our fridge

Even so roughly what would occur if all of the ice within the earth melts Particularly with the present international warming is getting worse In keeping with the analysis there are a number of eventualities that will happen Sadly, these eventualities don’t have any Completely satisfied Ending such eventualities Indonesian sinetron The primary situation is a sea-level rise

Truly, the ocean stage won’t ride-up in order that the one ice melting within the Arctic The key as a result of the ice there floats within the sea As with ice cubes in a glass of iced tea we had been recent Need its ice melts every little thing else, tea water won’t overflow from the glass

As a result of the quantity of ice simply changed with meltwaters Now, one other story if the land ice melting Ice in Greenland and Alaska, for instance will contribute 7 meters to sea stage rise that melts all Extra sadly once more if ice on the South Pole are melting As a result of 90% of the world’s ice is there

If fully melted, sea ranges would rise no less than 61 meters Lengthy story quick, the whole peak of the ocean floor is generated could be greater than 2 occasions the peak of a tsunami wave worst In Aceh Moreover, the second situation Particularly, Local weather Change

With the melting of all of the ice on Earth will likely be modifications in ocean salinity Merely put, sea water acidity is diminished as a result of it’s combined with recent water from melting ice The issue may be very influential on the ocean salinity ocean present

Nonetheless, if the ocean currents messed, a whole lot of different issues that come messed Resembling international local weather and fish migration we had been unlucky It could possibly be our lives that aren’t clear, so the extra full obscurity extra horrified once more the third situation is that international warming is getting worse

The primary purpose is melting ice world wide at simply wipe the mirror of the earth Ideally, a lot of the daylight mirrored by the ice there’s a tremendous clear and is absorbed by the ocean water extra turbid

Simply think about if all we take up the solar’s warmth, the earth will likely be as scorching as what we later The second purpose to search for all of the ice together with permafrost will speed up the decomposition of natural matter that has been frozen This course of will definitely be releasing extra carbon,

Greenhouse gases will mechanically create the earth a lot getting hotter It’s now all of the eventualities had been nonetheless mere scientific prediction Even so earth we actually by no means had no ice So it’s not unattainable this can occur once more sooner or later Nicely, how briskly the time will come?

It’s our habits that can decide and as at all times thanks.

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  1. untung kota gw aman,, mau permukaan air naik 100 meter pun masih aman,, paling seperempatnya yang kena itu pun tinggi nya juga cuma selutut, apalagi cuma 70meter, kaga nyampe ke kota gw, kota tetangga aja ga nyampe,, kota apa yang gw maksud??? cianjur dong bos,, ibarat kata permukaan air bumi naik 1000 meter, kota cianjur cuma kerendem setengah nya, itupun cuma sedalam 1 meter doang,, kemaren pas gempa gede cianjur di bully habis2 an sama kota laen, dibilang kena azab lah dibilang kota maksiat lah,, ya seenggaknya kota gw ga tenggelem sih,, who's laughin now?

  2. video ini udah 4th di putar tapi akibat meleleh ya es di kutub baru bulan terakhir ini terjadi dampaknya.

    3/2 thn kedepan bakalan ada sunami yang melebihi Aceh.

    INGAT Aceh thn berapa ada sunami?
    Sedang es di kutub berapa banyaknya yg utuh.
    jika di setarakan sekarang mungkin 3-5x tinggi puncak sunami nya.

    ngeri jika di bayangkan 😞
    air rob saja makin tinggi bukan 😭


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