Apakah Naga Benar-benar Ada di Zaman Dinosaurus?


Naga adalah makhluk yang melegenda di berbagai belahan dunia. Tapi, gimana asal usul sebenarnya? Benarkah naga ada …

The dragon, essentially the most trending celeb from the animal kingdom. They’re so in style, they’ve existed in box-office motion pictures, TV screens, and even in roadside motion pictures. Even when it’s a delusion, the very fact is that nearly each civilization on earth learn about dragons, an almighty, gigantic reptilian.

In that case, perhaps dragons did exist up to now. However when, and did they exist together with dinosaurs? Initially of this century, 3 younger paleontologists discovered a super-peculiar cranium At a prehistoric geological web site. After shut examination, the cranium belonged to a dinosaur near a T-Rex

With a scientific identify which means: “the dragon king from Hogwarts.” Yup, that Hogwarts. So is that this actually the type of that legendary creature often called the dragon? It seems, no. At first sight, the pinnacle of the Dracorex resembles that of western dragons in Hollywood motion pictures.

Sadly, there isn’t a proof that they will fly, and even breathe fireplace. Moreover, the dracorex turned out to be associated to herbivore species of dinosaurs. And, the phrase “dinosaur” outline as a “horrible lizard”, However till now there isn’t a scientific proof

Of the existence evil big lizards as what’s described by western dragons. However have you learnt, the phrase “dragon” could be traced again to the phrase “drakon”, which means an enormous water snake. Then what about serpent dragons? OK, A serpent variant of the dragon is extra regarded in japanese cultures, together with Indonesia.

Not satisfied? Simply search for its definition within the KBBI (the Nice Dictionary of the Indonesian Language). Asia nonetheless stays as the house of many sorts of untamed and harmful snakes. However nonetheless, no scientific proof about clawed, winged, particularly, topped dragons. Perhaps it’s as a result of dragons of the japanese tradition are thought-about deity

So their existence is simply inside religion. Fortunately, there may be somebody who specifically observes this worldwide, but variable story about dragons. In keeping with Professor Jones, there could be variation of options of dragons for each area. The explanation, dragons really signify the primitive imaginations about terrifying predating animals.

And these animals are after all completely different at completely different elements of the world. Think about, for our ancestors that shouldn’t have trendy defensive gear, predators like snakes, tigers and eagles would sound fairly scary. From tales advised from generations, with another spicy stuff, our creativeness have created a legendary creature with mix-and-match options.

Ultimately, any reptilian creature that appears magical will probably be thought-about by us as, *cough* dragons. Now what if the dracorex’ cranium weren’t present in 2004, however as a substitute at midnight ages? With out trendy science, folks at the moment would immediately conclude that it belongs to a dragon.

So, what would occur if a cranium like this was present in Indonesia on the time Majapahit dominated? Taking part in dragons could be enjoyable, however regardless of how superior these unreal dragons are, our actual life dragon remains to be a lot cooler. And as at all times, thanks. Hello, thanks for stopping by our video.

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  1. Bener sih min, terkenal mitos tapi kok terkenal banget di semua budaya wkwk.Recomended banget nih channel Ko Bisa, membawakan topik yang menarik serta mendidik. Semangat dan sukses terus ya min!! Buat yang suka belajar dari channel bisa juga kepoin "Sisi Terang" dan "Inspiratips"😊😊

  2. Dijamin dinosaurus mungkin ada aja hewan yg mirip NAGA

    Lagian kita gk hidup di jaman itu kan , di laut kita aja ada ikan aneh peneliti dan para ilmuan aja terheran heran itu cuma di laut kita aja paling Mariana

    Dikatakan kita cuma menjelajah laut paling 5-10% doang

    Apalagi jaman dinosaurus , gk kebayang Sebanyak apa hewan anehnya

  3. Naga brat itu Sebenarnya kayak Versi modifikasi Dari Dinosaurus Pterodactyl Karna yah, Cuman Pterodactyl(Dan keluarganya) Yg Kadal, Makan Daging(Ikan), Punya sayap dan tangan

  4. Imang banar kata orang tua² di kampung saya naga itu adalah sebuah bintang yg besar dan di takuti

    Contoh nya seperti ular besar nya sdah tua yg besar nya lumayan bukan ulah kunda yaaaaaa

  5. bener,gw setuju ama teori naga hanya cerita bumbu cukup rasa turun temurun…gorilla aja baru ketemu beberapa abad lalu…bayangin aja org cerita gorilla itu mahluk mitologi keluarga monyet…bisa² aja yakan…


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