Benarkah Banyak Minum Es Bikin Batuk Pilek?


Di zaman sekarang yang tiap hari rasanya kayak musim kemarau, godaan minum es selalu susah buat dilawan. Gak cuma …

These days which on a regular basis appears like dry season temptation to drink ice all the time arduous for us to refuse it not solely to alleviate thirst but additionally could make our physique colder however, regardless of chilly drink or meals oftenly be accused of our sickness even we oftenly scolded if we all the time ingesting ice

However, is it true that ingesting ice make us cough and chilly ? the reply is NO evidently ingesting ice not the causes really, the principle causes is “them” and they’re in every single place our soiled palms, poluted air, or transmitted by another person

Beside that, micro organism and virus can even enter due to due to unhygienic snacks on the fringe of highway ah if like that, is it okay we oftenly ingesting ice since it’s clear ? The brief reply will not be actually altough not the causes, chilly drink could make we

Which already chilly and cough, worst. so for us who begin runny drink ice water make our nostril extra clogged up even, this trus is exist already since previous in a number of historic tradition, ingesting chilly water after consuming sizzling meals, trusted can wreck our physique steadiness beside that, for individuals who has this each sickness

Ingesting and consuming chilly could make the signs extra worst however, maintain on that is not means we can’t drnking and consuming chilly in any respect as a result of not your complete issues that relate to chilly drink or meals is unhealthy for the reason that water will not be too chilly on the sizzling climate or whereas we do sports activities

Ingesting chilly water could make us drained resistance its all as a result of the chilly water can downgrade the temperature so, the power who use for controlling physique temperature we are able to use for scoring on the late recreation sure, altough oftenly we blamed that really that simply faux information its okay to drink and eat chilly

So long as what we devour is clear and we purchase on the correct place and as all the time, thanks. thanks for watching kok bisa have one other query ? simply ask it beneath

30 thoughts on “Benarkah Banyak Minum Es Bikin Batuk Pilek?”

  1. Lah trus saya krna apa dong?. Soalnya saya ga bisa tuh secara trus menerus mengkonsumsi minuman es atau makan es krim yg berkelanjutan artinya terus menerus. Saya 2 sampe 3x minum es aja langsung batuk pilek, sedangkan tmn2 saya istri saya minum es berkali-kali setiap hari ga pernah tuh saya liat batuk pilek. Berarti penyabab utamanya bukan krna bakteri atau virus dong tapi krna emng saya alergi minuman es atau es krim.

  2. Animasinya bagus nih, art stylenya juga menarik dan unikk, jadi keinget channel favorit gw niii ""Inspiratips"" 😍😍

  3. Bukan kebohongan sih, pemicu kira2 40% bikin pilek, hubungan nya sama pencernaan klo sering terkena dingin bikin imun menurun, sehingga gampang pilek. Lebih baik minum hangat.


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