Misteri Apa yang Ada di Laut Terdalam?


Pernahkah kamu membayangkan misteri apa yang tersembunyi berkilo-kilometer jauhnya di lautan terdalam? Pecahkan …

When somebody is dreaming, they’d look to the highest and never the underside. That is why scientists from all around the world are … … continue to learn about areas and finally we have landed on The Moon and shortly we’ll land on Mars as properly! We’re so obsessed about areas that we do not realized that…

… Massive mysteries do exist down there too, like what one among our pal requested. So, what are the mysteries hidden down there? We’d by no means realized that 70% of Earth’s floor are surrounded by water After these giant sea, apparently we have solely found 5% of them.

Maybe, as fellow land creatures we’re as afraid as cats towards water. No matter the reason being, our data about sea is much much less… … than our data about areas, particularly about Deep Sea. Whereas 80% of seas on this Earth categorised as Deep Sea. Alright. So what’s a Deep Sea?

Shortly, Deep Sea is part of sea that’s untouched by Solar Mild in any respect… …ranging from 200 meters deep beneath the ocean stage. For those who measure the depth of all Deep Seas from sea stage..

…the common depth of Deep Sea is about 4000 meters deep, even the deepest Deep Sea is about 11000 meters deep. Think about stacking 13 Burj Khalifa towers. Due to the depth, untill now there are solely 3 folks which have been there. Even it is lower than folks which have been on Moon.

Hm… what is tough about it? diving all the way down to Deep Sea? With out daylight, it turns into darker and even the temperature can drop to freezing level. Moreover that, the strain is so immense that might bend a submarine. That is why our SCUBA dive report is comparatively shallow in contrast the depth of sea itself.

As a result of if we’re too courageous to dive with out equipments and particular automobiles,,, … we’d die in ache. However there are some creatures that lived down there with the immense strain! Some whale species for instance, oftenly go to Midnight Zone… …to hunt typical animals. However, these creatures aren’t widespread creatures.

Hiding in limitless darkness, there lived issues that may… … even weirder than aliens in Kyrpton. With mushy physique, transparant and even slimmy, they appear… …deserved to get into the checklist of Incredible Beasts from wizarding world. And clearly you understand how darkish is an evening with out lamp.

These creatures can dwell in kind of darkish locations for his or her lifetime… …and by no means complained in any respect. They even misplaced their eye sights as a result of they’ve lived in darkish locations so lengthy. Even a few of them tailored… …to handle to provide their very own supply lights. So so Subtle.

However, do not get it mistaken! There aren’t solely unfamiliar beings in Deep Sea. Particularly, Indonesian’s Deep Sea. Geographically, Indonesian Deep Sea has number of uniqueness. First, Indonesian water is a “Hotspot” for number of species… …and marine biota, which is internationally not solely impressed researchers,… …however Artists too.

So distinctive, that historic fish Supposedly to be extincted… …apparently present in Indonesia! Second, Indonesian water is the one space that join tropical ocean trench,… …which carry weight to the World Local weather. Third, Indonesian water has so many Islands. That is why there are such a lot of researched come from nowhere…

…to come back to Indonesia solely to analysis pure dynamics between Human… …and seas. And… Indonesian Deep sea has 1,000,000 hidden potential! From meals sources, materials warehouse for future curement,.. …and energy sources Each disposable and renewable. Ofcourse, since Indonesian Deep Sea turning into a gathering level from varied tectonic plates…

…Indonesian Deep Sea might additionally develop into a Research Heart, Early Warning and Catastrophe Mitigation So, if there’s a comparable Aceh Tsunami… …we’d be extra able to take care of it! Think about the ocean mysteries that we have identified already is just one very small tiny piece of cake.

Sadly, in spite of everything this time we see as if we by no means realized now we have a hidden treasures… …buried down beneath the ocean. Speaking about Human Assets, Indonesia really received so many cool Scientists… …that no much less smarter than foreigners. It’s simply exspensive to make a Deep Sea expediton…

It’s simply exspensive to make a Deep Sea expediton… …In truth the wanted expertise are so costly. As typical, Thanks! Additionally because of Indonesian Deep Sea researchers.. …Miss Yosmina and Mr. Jamal from Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia,.. …who helped Kok Bisa in making of this video.

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